More good news for 13 million retirees


Various announcements were made for retirees looking to bring the end of the month. Finally, an announcement was made that made SGK retirees happy. According to the announcement, up to 3,500 promotions will be offered to retirees whose payments will be made within 9 days.
Private banks compete to recruit retirees. Therefore, they organize attractive events with each other. Finally, Akbank SGK announced that it will pay a promotion of up to TL 3,000 500 to those who commit to receiving a 3-year pension from Akbank.

Privileges for SSI retirees

Akbank continues to offer privileges to retirees. Customers who transfer their SSI pension to Akbank until June 30, 2022 will benefit from this new campaign. In addition, they will be able to easily transport their salaries via Akbank Mobile, Akbank Internet and Customer Communication Center without going to the branch.
To benefit from the campaign, customers must commit to receiving SSI pension from Akbank for 3 years. Retirees with a monthly net income of up to TL 1,500 will receive an additional increase of TL 500 and TL 1,850 and retirees with a monthly net income of between TL 1,500 and 2,500 will receive an additional increase of TL 625, TL 2,275, TL 750 and TL 2,750 . The monthly net profit must be TL 2,500 or more.

Additionally, Akbank continues to offer SGK’s retired clients the opportunity to withdraw money from their accounts 2 days before their paycheck. In this campaign, which can be used by people who are receiving a pension from Akbank and have defined a deposit limit for their retirement account, customers can use existing funds between 2 days before and the day in advance. cash credit, the interest rate is set as 0%.

Announce promotional campaigns

The price of the campaign was set after an agreement on the expected salary increase for retirees. In 2022, wages are determined by pension promotions offered by various banks at different events. Among the questions that retirees ask themselves, when will the retirement promotion be made, when the retirement promotion will be valid, the answer was clear. So how many pension promotions has that bank done? Here are the details of the Banking Pension Promotion and information on the separate PTT Pension Promotion …
The amount of the pension bonus that the bank will release in 2022 has been determined. The pension increase varies according to the wage rate determined by many banks and shared with the public. Pension promotions range from TL 450 to TL 2,250 and vary based on the amount of salary received. The salary decisions and promotions related to the pension promotions of Ziraat, Halk, Garanti and İş Bank, and TEB, Akbank, Finansbank and other banks are listed below.

Almost all banks have announced retirement promotions, which is one of the developments that 13 million retirees are eagerly awaiting. We have collected in our news all the pension promotions prepared by the bank. So, how many pension promotions has the bank prepared in 2020? How much does the pension promotion cost? Here are all the offers and details for the pension promotion prepared by the bank

It is curious how many promotions the banks have offered retirees this year in exchange for their salaries. Following the negotiations, the amount of new promotions that retirees will receive in exchange for their salary is determined. The new rate was announced after the agreement between SGK and Ziraat Bank.

BBVA Guarantors announced

In promotions organized by Garanti Bank; Discount up to TL 1,200 for pensioners BBVA Guarantors. First salary increase for new pensioners from BBVA Guarantors! The announcements have been made. With the new contract signed between Guaranti BBVA and the Social Insurance Institute (SGK), retirees who commit to receiving a 3-year pension from Guaranti BBVA will be able to receive a promotional cash payment of up to 1,200 TL without additional payment. BBVA Guarantors will make a promotional cash payment of TL 800 to pensioners up to TL 1,500, TL 1,000 to retirees up to TL 1,500-2,500, and TL 2,500 to retirees with a salary and above. To easily withdraw your pension from almost 1,000 BBVA Guarantor branches and more than 5,200 BBVA Guarantor ATMs, just go to our nearest branch with your identity card.


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