Monster Notebook has changed its name: here is the new name!


Monster Notebook, one of the first brands that comes to mind when it comes to gaming computers and is a technology company originally from Turkey, started its business in Europe in September 2020 with the experience store opened in Berlin, the capital of the Germany. Monster Notebook, which has made an extraordinary decision, has announced that it has changed its international branding to Tulpar.

The Tulpar name is no stranger to those who have been interested in Monster laptops previously, as the laptops are still sold with the Tulpar series. In other words, Monster has made a series offered to users a brand in the international market.

Here is the new Monster Notebook experience store!

Here is the new Monster Notebook experience store!

What does Monster Notebook European Side Experience Store offer for a personalized and open customer experience since yesterday?

Monster Notebook has made a name for itself in the international Tulpar market

When we want to enter the Monster Germany website, we satisfies the address. The Monster logo continues to be used on the website, but the logo replaces Monster with the phrase Tulpar Gaming Notebook. laptop Serie A and T while the accessories for the players are classified as in Turkey. Users living in Europe under the Pusat series is offered.

Statement on the subject Goktug Okan Oguz, CMO of Monster Notebook“Like Monster Notebook, we develop state-of-the-art hardware configurations so that gamers of all skill levels can have the best gaming experience in the digital gaming world that is developing more and more every year, and we promise a next-generation experience. for our users.

We continue our efforts to achieve our leadership in the Turkish market in our overseas operations, without slowing down. In line with our globalization strategy, we will continue on our path with the Tulpar brand from now on.

Our goal in making this change was to differentiate our brand, which originates in Turkey and is about to become a global brand, from other brands operating in the international market and having a similar name with us.

As you know, ‘Monster’ is a universal name, it means monster. In the international market there are dozens of companies operating in various sectors that have used the Monster name for many years. For a brand that is entering a new and not yet known market, this can present several difficulties in entering the market. As a brand that places great emphasis on customer experience, we wanted to avoid possible confusion and go our own way with Tulpar, a Monster Notebook brand.

Tulpar, our flagship product, has been by tens of thousands of tech enthusiasts so far. In our global communications so far, we have observed that the Tulpar brand is more readily accepted than our other brands. For this reason, we wanted to accelerate our global expansion by making this change early. Our strategy towards globalization will accelerate with the strong wings of Tulpar ”.


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