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Don’t you find it interesting that they failed to achieve their goals despite all the efforts, intimidation, intimidation and threats to kidnap foreign investors? ..

Opposition leader “There is no security of life and property in Turkey”, “… Will we let their accomplices from Qatar or Saudi Arabia breathe? Do they think they can feel comfortable here? “Her incredible state of mind and the political position of him, which she shows with such speeches, cannot distract anyone from his path …

Because the business world does not make empty-word decisions… It acts with research, economic foresight and strategy; invests … luckily it is so …

Kalyon Holding, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, one of the largest investment companies in the world in the energy sector International holdingsubsidiary of International energy holding announced that it has signed a strategic cooperation with

Galleon energy With the agreement in which 50 percent of the shares will be transferred, a significant influx of foreign currency into our country is provided. In addition, proceeds from the sale of the shares are not only used for the growth and development of Kalyon Energy’s projects, which are the subject of the contract, but also in the “first and only” fully integrated solar panel manufacturing facility in the world outside the scope. of the contract. Galleon PV ‘It is claimed that it will be used to increase production capacity from 1000 MW to 2000 MW and in new investments in solar and wind power generation.

Here is the most recent and concrete example of confidence in the Turkish economy and Turkish companies … Good for our country and the Kalyon Group, ‘We sunk to those who are goneWe cover …

What caught our attention …

Here, we usually select positive examples from the press releases we receive and share them with our readers … This time, we’ve decided to make a change and focus on a press release example that needs improvement. The title is as follows: “Vena brings comfort to your homes along with elegance. Make room for elegant elegance in your home with Viena ”in the press release ad that smells zinhar should be avoided from lyrics, this is a … modal hemi (“Make room!”) These two don’t work in communication or relationship management… Let’s read the rest of the newsletter: “Kelebek Furniture, the leading timeless design brand; designed the Viena collection with its gray and walnut color combinations for those who want a combination of elegance and comfort as well as a natural look in their home. Functionality is at the forefront of the collection, where every detail in the living room, dining room and bedroom comes to life. It’s time to open the doors to elegance with style! “ Press releases are sent to reporters to write the news. Not to sell them products… Obviously Butterfly did a very good thing … But should this be explained to the media in this way? ..

GoogleAnnounced the “Multi-Channel Retail Search”, which scans 137 retailers from 8 countries according to 43 different principles. 62 percent of consumers in our countrymulti-channel purchases‘this is when you choose the experience; means the integrated use of channels such as the website, physical stores or mobile application. In the category where the average reseller score is 54% MediaMarkt, with a score of 70%, it was chosen as the brand that offers the best multichannel experience to consumers in Turkey. (Cem Cicioğlu, Media House)

Uskudar University Founding Rector prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan And Assoc. Dr. Aylin Tutgunfamel He developed the “Scale of Good and Evil”. Thus, when a decision is made in the face of an event, a situation, a person. benign or harmful They could psychometrically measure which of our powers is dominant, our benevolent / bad attitudes and perceptions. The research involved 1.23 people aged 15 to 69 across the country. Stating that spending more than 4 hours a day on social media is observed to suppress benevolent attitudes and behaviors, Assoc. Dr Ünal said: “The free and uncontrolled nature of social media reveals people’s emotional excess and uncontrollability after a while. Later, when people fail to repress their evil powers, they can join the chain of malicious posts that aim to ignore the people and institutions of society, which we call the lynching / obliteration culture. ” (Ali Aksoy, Communications Office)



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