Last Minute The State gives 31 thousand TL to those who do it!


Buying a house is the dream of many citizens. That’s why people get together. The government will provide support for those who save to buy apartments. For this it is enough to open a real estate account with the Ziraat Bank and keep it for 3 years. The rate of the state contribution for term deposits of 60 months or more was published as 31,000 lire and 18 kuruş.

Citizens who want to buy a house or apartment start saving to make their dreams come true. The government supports those who want to buy a house. Ziraat Bank announced on its website the opening of a government funded real estate account. The statement read: “Come to Ziraat Bank to open a real estate account. When you buy your first home and save for at least 3 years, 20% of your total savings will be credited to your government contributions account.

Who can benefit from it!

Since 7 April 2015, citizens of the Republic of Turkey who do not have a registered residence in their own name can benefit from those who have made regular savings for at least 36 months before buying a house. Those who contact our bank with the necessary documents within 6 (six) months from the purchase of the house will be able to benefit from the State Contribution Residential Account. If you don’t make regular payments, you lose the right to receive government grants. Since April 7, 2015, apart from the houses that have applied for state subsidies, no houses have been purchased that require state subsidies. A real estate account can be opened as a Turkish lira time deposit with or without interest. When opening an account, you can immediately deposit an amount that exceeds the maximum limit.

You can choose one of the monthly or quarterly recurring payment options. Different amounts can be deposited as long as they are within the lower and upper limits of recurring payments. The maximum amount of the state contribution and the upper / lower limit of the regular contributions will be increased annually at the revaluation rate. The state contribution, although varying according to the duration of the savings, cannot exceed 25% of the savings on the relative account at the date of purchase. It is not possible to open more than one residence account. Accommodation accounts cannot be opened as joint accounts. You are granted the right to withdraw money from your residential account up to two times within 12 months. In 2022, the state contribution for accounts with a maturity of 60 months or more is 31,000 149 lire and 18 kuru. It is 29.7252 TL for a 48-59 month term deposit account and 26 995.96 TL for a 36-47 month term deposit account.

Vakıf Bank Announced!

Banks offer many attractive lending opportunities to their customers, especially during the pandemic period. Failure to pay rent, especially during unemployment and lack of money, has at least somewhat relieved the pressure on citizens. In this case, even citizens living on rent are looking for ways to become homeowners by paying loans instead of rent. In this case, the banks provide support to citizens.

Banks provide low-interest, long-term home equity loans to citizens. Vakıfbank is one of the leading banks in the real estate mortgage sector. The bank offers real estate loans with an interest rate of 1.40% and maturity options of up to 120 months and loans of up to 80% of the home value. The minimum loan amount is 12,000 TL and the maximum loan amount is 1,500,000 TL. The minimum period is 3 months and the maximum period is 120 months.

Akbank statement!

Akbank also announced its support for citizens who want to buy a house. Akbank offers a unique mortgage loan program with an interest rate of 1.39%. The minimum amount of real estate loan you will use from Akbank is 7,000 TL and the maximum amount is 2,000,000 TL. The expiry period is a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 120 months. You can take advantage of this loan opportunity with an interest rate of 80% of the price of the house in question.

İşbank Opportunity!

İşbank also announced a campaign for citizens who want to own a home by paying loans instead of rent. İşbank is among the banks that offer the cheapest real estate loans with an interest rate of 1.40%. The maturity period of this real estate loan provided by İşbank was determined from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 120 months. The loan amount that can be withdrawn is a minimum of 7,000 TL and a maximum of 500,000 TL.


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