Last minute announcement to millions of ID people in Turkey! Everyone should definitely have done this – 37.5 TL will be paid


It was stated that the appointment for the identity renewal was taken from the Internet address An announcement has been made to citizens who have not yet replaced their old-style identity with a new-type identity. By the end of the year, citizens must replace their old-style identities with new-style identities. For this you will be paid 37.5 TL and you will be able to obtain the new IP ID with the necessary documents. For the identity renewal process carried out by the Directorate General for Population and Citizenship Affairs; It was shared that the current ID card, driver’s license or passport, 1 biometric photograph and a receipt indicating that the renewal fee, which is 37.5 TL, has been shared.


It should be noted that it takes an average of 20 minutes to complete the application process after making an appointment with the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship for the new application for an identity card, and it should be noted that during the application the fingerprints of citizens were taken with the HAVELSAN-developed domestic fingerprint recognition system. Furthermore, it has been stated that the process of moving from the old ID cards to the new ID cards with chips started in 2017 in the process of harmonization with the European Union, and it has been stated that the identity cards they will replace the old ID cards will be more secure due to the fact that they have chips.


In this regard, the application for renewal of the old identity card was received by the Directorate General for Population and Citizenship of the Ministry of the Interior. Citizens wishing to renew their old ID cards can make an appointment on the website Alternatively, citizens who wish to do so can make an appointment to renew their identity card at the telephone number ALO 199.

After logging into the web address of, you need to click on the “TR ID Card” header. After reading the notice on the screen, we inform you that by selecting the ‘I accept’ option, the appointment procedure will continue, so you will need to fill in the necessary information in the screen that opens. It was also stated that you need to select the branch of the Directorate-General for Population and Citizenship Affairs with which you want to make an appointment and the date of the appointment.


It has been stated that when you go to your appointment to apply for your new ID card, you absolutely must bring an official document with the TR ID number, such as ID card, driving license, passport, family card, identity document temporary and 1 biometric photograph.


It was stated that it was necessary to pay 37.5 TL to obtain a new type of ID card, and it was announced that payments made online appear in the civil registry system, but when you go to the registry, you should have the receipt certifying the payment.


The tariff plan for identity renewal was determined in 2022 as follows:

* Identity card of the Republic of Turkey issued for birth: 37.50 TL

* Identity card of the Republic of Turkey issued for replacement: 37.50 TL

* Loss of identity card: 37.50 TL

* Commission for Loss of Identity Card of the Republic of Turkey: 75.00 TL


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