Last 9 days to receive the additional payment before the holiday bonus


While millions of retirees are waiting for the expected increase in July, Yapı Kredi Bank said in a statement that these payments will be made to those with a salary card.

It was announced that pensions must be received by Yapı Kredi Bank in order for retirees to benefit from the scope of the pension package specially prepared for pensioners of the Turkish social security institution SSK, BAĞ-KUR and the pension fund. The new retirees said that when applying for e-Government, SGK management should prefer Yapı Kredi Bank in their application petitions.

Payment details

May 20, 2022 From June 30, 2022, clients who have promised to receive SSI pension from Yapı Kredi Bank for three years will have a cash promotion opportunity of up to 3000 TL. With the signing of the promotional commitment it was stated that if a monthly net profit is up to 1,499 TL, 1,850 TL, if it is between 1,500 TL and 1,499 TL, if 300 TL is more than 500 TL, 2,750 TL of cash promotion they will be paid.

If payment instructions for two new invoices are provided within 60 days of signing the additional award contract, it means they will earn an additional cash prize of 100 TL regardless of the salary scale. Starting from the campaign start date, the additional bonus will start on the first day of the month following the one in which customers who sign up to a commitment note receive their first salary payment. This practice will continue for three months and will benefit from flexible account limits of up to 2000 TL with zero interest. To benefit from the campaign, customers must apply to open a flexible account until the last day of the month in which they receive the promotion in cash.

May 20, 2022 Customers using a credit card for the first time between May 30, 2022 or who have not run out of current cards within three months of the promotion request date are eligible to receive an additional TL 150 cash promotion with the condition of spending 500 TL from the start date of the campaign until 30.06.2022 he wins. It was said that these payments will be made in the first week of the month following that in which the first salary payment is received, if the additional award commitment is not canceled on the retirement accounts of individuals.

Customers who have signed up for an additional reward commitment and benefited from the loan campaign between January 20, 2022 and June 30, 2022 are not eligible for the campaign if they cancel their request and re-commit. It has been stated that as of May 20, 2022, customers who are eligible for promotion from Yapı Kredi Bank and who bring another SGK pension will not be eligible for the campaign.

Cash reward applications for promotional campaigns up to 3000 TL can be made through Yapı Kredi Yapı Kredi mobile internet retail branches, customer contact centers and our branches. The rewards earned with the use of the credit card and invoice campaign will be credited to the customers’ retirement accounts.

Promotional supplementary payment The amounts of the cash prize to be paid to persons who receive more than one month’s salary from the Social Security Institute on the date of fulfillment of the conditions will be deposited with the Bank starting from the date of fulfillment of the conditions. This amount will be calculated taking into account the total of the last monthly income and only one promotion will benefit from the payment of the additional cash prize.

Special privileges granted to retirees

It has been claimed that as long as retirees continue to receive pension from Yapı Kredi, all transfers made from Yapı Kredi’s mobile internet branches will be free of charge. It has been announced that Yapı Kredi Bank clients will be able to benefit from a daily withdrawal limit of 5000 TL.

As part of joining the Medline Emergency Health Service, they will be able to benefit from medical advice by phone, free of charge, for one year. Retirees who do not have a restricted deposit account within two months before SSI transfers their pension to Yapı Kredi and receives their first salary from our bank will receive six-month welcome interest on TL restricted deposits. They will be able to benefit from attractive interest rates when using consumer loans. Regular payment EFT transactions and money transfers will also be available free of charge.


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