Knowing Bitcoin Crashes, Analyst Announced His Latest BTC Prediction!


The popular cryptocurrency analyst, who accurately predicted current market problems, is now warning investors that Bitcoin (BTC) will fall further.

Expecting Bitcoin’s price to rise above $ 23,000, the analyst has issued new warnings to investors.

You can take a look at the analyst’s success predictions in this article. The current analysis Chief claims he sees no signs of BTC hitting a cycle low of around $ 20,000:

Based on what you’ve read on Twitter, you might think the market is recovering very well. However, the charts show: BTC’s price is below $ 21,000. LH zones everywhere. Fall deviations hidden everywhere. There is no support training. I am not buying yet.

Bitcoin is downloaded quickly in exchanges!  ADA Inventor: He's Dead! As reported, Chief warned in March that Bitcoin will drop 50% from $ 44,000. The analyst then says that he expects the low to be reached soon, even though he expects lower Bitcoin prices:

This is important. Do I expect new lows? Yes. The fund has not yet arrived. But I think the time is near. The time to open a short was a few weeks ago, not now. Now is the time to get ready to buy once the next drop is finished.

Capo also provides a chart that assumes a correction of less than $ 16,000 is “still in play”.

BTC hit its lowest levels since December 2020 after falling below $ 17,750. Having started the month at around $ 32,200, it is now trading at $ 21,000. BTC has seen a slight rally in the past 24 hours, gaining 10% over the week. It signaled a good recovery after overcoming bearish setbacks in early June.

Capo is also following a DEX project soon

When it comes to the broader altcoin market, the analyst shares the chart from the decentralized exchange SushiSwap (SUSHI). Chief says this represents his feelings about non-BTC cryptocurrencies. The analyst also predicts that altcoins will eventually rise. However, he continues to expect a decline in the near term. Sharing the graph below, the analyst states:

One thing is clear: many altcoins are in a downtrend. When the parabolas break, it causes major corrections (in this case upward). The parables are not finished yet, but they are almost finished.

Analyst announces latest Bitcoin forecast

SushiSwap (SUSHI) is one of the Ethereum-based Automated Market Makers (AMMs). SushiSwap entered the market in September 2020 to provide DeFi and DeFi token transactions. SUSHI is trading at $ 1.27 at the time of writing. It reached in the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap in 2021. It is now in 145th place with a market cap of $ 161 million. SUSHI posted its ATH of $ 23.38 in March last year. It is currently trading 94.49% below this level.

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