July 2022 Used car market data announced


July 2022 used car and light commercial vehicle market statistics were announced. Data released revealed that there was an unprecedented contraction in the market. However, despite this, there has not been a significant decrease in the price of used cars.

market research company for used cars indicatedhas published the data for the month of July. The published data revealed that there is a very severe contraction in the second-hand market. So much so that sales of used vehicles will increase in July 2022. 102 thousand 806 units was registered as. This sales figure is 45% from June 2022, 29% from July 2021 and 41% from the July average of the last 3 years. he was short.

When we look at the data that accepts ads that have been completely removed from the ad as sold, we see that the advertised vehicles only 36 percent We see it sold. Passenger cars accounted for 81% of these and light commercial vehicles 19%. The number of second-hand vehicles announced last month 284 thousand 87 was registered as.

Although sales have gone down, prices have not changed!

sale of used cars

According to data from Indicata, the drop in sales did not induce sellers to lower their prices. 71 thousand 950 ads The researchers who looked at it found that there was no significant drop in prices. So what were the characteristics of the cars that changed hands in July 2022? Let’s see the details of the report together.

Most of the diesel cars were sold in July!

Research shows the most sought-after cars in the past month to the diesel engine We see that they have it. Because 62.2 percent of the vehicles sold last month, 63,934 of them, were diesel-powered. Diesel cars follow with petrol vehicles with a share of 34.6 percent, or 35,000 590 units. 1,541 hybrid cars were sold Only 149 electric cars were sold in July.

Citizens prefer new cars

used car market

Indica’s research revealed that citizens are interested in new cars. As 35.1% of second-hand car and light commercial vehicle sales, 0-4 years It consisted of models Plus, 32 thousand 593 units last month segment C the car was sold. This statistic reveals that the citizen continues to show interest in affordable vehicles due to low taxes. In addition to all these, most of the cars sold From 71,000 to 90,000 kilometers Let’s say it’s in the range.


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