It has been announced that the pension will be paid between 6,500 TL and 12,000 TL


There was news that retirees would be paid between 6,500 TL and 12,000 TL. Many retirees will be paid if certain conditions are met.

As of this morning, it has been announced that retirees will be paid between TL 6,500 and TL 12,000. This cash loan, which will be offered between TL 6500 and TL 12,000, mainly for my retired citizens, is granted under certain conditions. Retired citizens wishing to apply can apply through their retired bank accounts.

For those who receive the pension through the banks, it is possible to easily apply for this consumer loan without going to the branch. This advantageous consumer loan, initiated mainly by public and private banks, aims to meet the urgent needs of retirees.

With this campaign, which can be applied easily without going to bank branches, it is possible to obtain consumer loans in a short time.

Who covers the Ziraat Bank campaign?

Ziraat Bank is one of the public banks that initiated this loan, especially for retirees. It offers 36-month maturity options for consumer loans, which will be withdrawn between TL 6500 and TL 12,000. This consumer loan was officially announced via the official Ziraat Bank account. After this announcement, two different loan packages with a duration of 36 months were offered. In this way, the monthly retirement deadline is in 2 different ways like low pay and high pay. Among these packages, people can apply by choosing the one that suits them. You can withdraw consumer loans by making a simple request through Ziraat Bank.

People who wish to apply with Ziraat Bank can easily apply through the application if they are using mobile banking. Ziraat Bank retirees who do not use mobile banking can easily apply for consumer loans via mobile banking by obtaining an Internet password.
Private banks provide such lending facility due to the frequent need of retired citizens, especially in the present times. It is possible to benefit from this advantageous loan opportunity offered by banks, starting from the particularly challenging situations for retirees due to today’s economic conditions.

The Akbank consumer loan opportunity has made retirees smile

Akbank is among the banks that offer consumer loans for retirees. It offers cash with consumer loans for retirees.

Thanks to this opportunity, Akbank provides cash between TL 6,500 and 12,000 to retired citizens who need a lot of cash. The application process for pensioners receiving pension through Akbank is very simple. You can apply for this loan even on weekends to quickly get a loan with Akbank.
You can apply for the Akbank pension loan via SMS. You can apply by writing credit in the messages section, leaving a space and sending it to 44 25 with your TR ID number. Approval can be obtained simply by applying via SMS, even on weekends.

All retirees are eligible for this consumer loan provided by Akbank and Ziraat Bank under certain conditions. With these maturity options offered up to 36 months, you can get consumer loans with low or high payments.

Due to inflation and today’s economic conditions, retirees in particular may need cash. In these cases, there are times when the pension is insufficient. With such times in mind, Ziraat Bank and Akbank offer advantageous loans to meet targeted cash needs. Loans offered between TL 6500 and TL 12000 are offered to individuals with a maturity of 36 months. Retired citizens can easily benefit from these loan opportunities under certain conditions.


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