It could reach $ 2500-3000 next winter.


The July parliamentary meeting of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) was postponed for a week this month due to the Eid-al-Adha holiday and took place yesterday. In the second parliamentary meeting, which took place completely face to face after a long hiatus, ITO president Şekib Avdagiç touched on the important developments in the world and in the country in his speech.

According to the news of Merve Yiğitcan from Dünya, Sharing the negative effects of the Russia-Ukraine war on growth, Avdagic said in his speech that security of supply and high energy prices will be on the agenda next winter.

Stating that there are two major issues facing not only Turkey but all of Europe as we enter the winter, Avdagic said: “First, will we be able to find fuel or gas? Even if we find the latter, Will we be able to pay for it? This will be a problem not only for Turkey, but for the whole of Europe. There is a flow of information from Russia that natural gas, which comes out with $ 1300 per 1000 cubic meters, will come out with 2500 $ 3,000 when we enter next winter, “he said.


Emphasizing that the most important issue that deeply affects the global economy is energy prices, Avdagiç noted that adjusting the thermostat in European buildings in the direction of saving only 1 degree Celsius will reduce gas consumption by 10 billion cubic meters. per year, according to the International Energy Agency. Avdagic said: “Energy saving is one of Turkey’s priority issues. And we need to focus much more on this issue in the next period. More importantly, energy saving is indispensable and essential to improve Turkey’s current account balance, which is highly dependent on imported energy. “

Referring to the Central Bank’s research on this issue, Avdagiç continued as follows: “According to the research, if ‘reasonable’ increases in renewable energy sources and energy efficiency are achieved, Turkey’s current account balance will improve by almost $ 21 billion in 2030. it can be done. The same research states that a 10 percent increase in the share of renewable energy can lead to a 6.5 percent decrease in the share of net energy imported and a $ 4.5 billion improvement in the current account balance.


Avdagic noted that, like ITO, it argued that employers shouldn’t bully their employees, who are manufacturing partners, at the cost of living since inflation began. Avdagiç continued: “The fundamental condition for efficient production is that our employees have an income with which to live humanely and that they can receive an equal share of the growing well-being. Ensuring this is not only the responsibility of the government, but also our responsibility as a business world. Therefore, we believe it is our duty to both increase the well-being of our employees and protect their purchasing power. In this context, we welcome the decision to increase the minimum wage to 5,000 500 lire starting in July. However, we expect the tax scales to be adjusted based on the increase in the minimum wage. “



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