İŞKUR announced the hiring of 113,534 employees with at least primary school graduates and a minimum salary of 5,500 TL! Here are the shifts


Details for the hiring of 113,534 employees were announced by İŞKUR. Staff who are at least primary school graduate will receive at least TL 5,500, which is the minimum wage. Shifts are constantly announced. When we look at the distribution of staff, we see that unskilled workers are also taken. The professional groups with the most purchases are listed below. They are listed as physical worker, cleaner, sales consultant, waiter, mechanic, accountant, private security officer, driver, and clothing clerk.

August 29 İŞKUR announced! New TYP job advertisements have been posted! Skilled and unskilled workers are employed with a minimum wage of 6000 TL.

Here are the cadres recruited through İŞKUR

Physical operator (general) 24819

Housekeeper 3756

Sales Consultant / Specialist 2602

Waiter (service person) 2044

Machinery (sewing) 2010

Associate Accountant 1937

Gas welder (Mig-Mag) 1884

Private security guard (unarmed) 1508

Warehouse / warehouse clerk 1376

Transport to be paid by the driver 1363

Clothing worker 1333

Call Center customer representative 1178

Packer 1160

Dishwasher (Stevard) 1152

cook 1078

Cashier 1005

Forklift Operator 936

Electrician (general) 863

Office clerk (general) 785

Bodywork (Cleaning) 723

Welder (Oxygen And Electricity) 700

Plastic injection production worker 695

CNC lathe operator 684

Fuel Sales Clerk (Pump) 681

Assistant cook 669

Forwarder 583

Quality Controller 578

Retailer (food) 576

Truck driver 572

Departmental clerk 562

Kitchen attendant 531

Warehouse Shipping Manager 517

Mechanical engineer 496

Sales Representative / Sales Representative 490

Mechanical maintenance repairman 478

Argon Welder (Crochet Welder) 456

Other manufacturing and related workers (with machinery) 425

420 straight sewing machine

Truck trailer driver 419

Weaving Machine Operator / Weaver 415

General Area Cleaner / Squareman 395

Service Commissioner 385

Electrical engineer 378

Secretary 368

accountant 364

354 CNC milling machine operator

Market Person 351

Professional accountant 339

Tourism and Reception Staff 335

Receptionist (front office staff) 324

Warehouse worker (Handling) 322

Electrical engineer 322

Technical service person 315

Intermediary / Laundry (Textile) 310

Woven Garment Machinery 303

Marble worker 293

Driver (Passenger transport) 284

Machine maintenance 28 3

Private (Armed) Security Guard 281

Shoemaker 280

seller 280

Courier 277

Other manufacturing and related workers (manual) 273

Apkant 270 CNC printing machine operator

Patient and Elderly Care Staff 270

Metal Product Assembler 269

Assembling furniture 261

Coachbuilder (Transport, Loading-Unloading) 251

Overlock operator (overlocker) 251

Nurse 242

Turner (Bench Operator) 242

Food Delivery Clerk (Klapper) 242

Painter-Metal 236

Machine Assembly Worker 233

Bodywork (Construction) 230

Steel soldering iron 228

Electrical-electronic technician 222

Cayci 221

Logistics personnel 221

Construction worker 219

Food engineer 216

Closed Warehouse Clerk 214

Machine Technician 214

Pasta worker and the preparation of appetizing substances 211

Kindergarten Teacher 210

Ironer 209

Master of Wood Furniture Production 204

Quality control – Textile 201

Packer (Power) 201

Machinery for leather garments 200

Computerized Machine (CNC Operator) 199

Electrostatic Paint Operator 197

Draftsman 191

Turner (lathe worker) 191

Eccentric Press Operator 189

Wood furniture manufacturer 186

Customer Representative 182


It is quite easy to apply for İŞKUR staff and worker recruitment. First of all, to apply you must be a Turkish citizen. Then you have to register by entering the official İŞKUR website. After registering, you can complete your application by clicking on the most suitable staff for you.


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