İşbank, Akbank and Garanti BBVA are in line! The Low Interest Debt Closure Loan is offered to those who are in debt! Nominations started this morning.


The need for cash is increasing day by day. As the cost of living, inflation data and exchange rates bend the shoulders of citizens, debts are growing like a mountain by the day. With the opening of the schools added to this chain, both the banks that provide soft loans and the banks that provide debt relief loans have begun to be investigated more. Fortunately, banks that cater to all needs offer a solution to this. For those in need of urgent cash or want to use a debt settlement loan, a surprise release from the banks arrived this morning. İşbank, Akbank and Guarantors BBVA will provide low interest debt closing loans to the applicant.

As data on inflation and the cost of living increased day by day, the balance of income and expenditure also deteriorated. Unfortunately, the salaries we receive no longer cover our expenses and we end up in the banks to use the loans. However, the number of citizens who have recently been unable to pay bank loans is increasing day by day. In this case, citizens need to use a loan from another bank or start looking for debt settlement or debt transfer loans. You know banks can’t get loans to blacklisted people or people with no income. however, the situation is somewhat different for those who want to get a debt relief loan. If we have bank debt and you want to get rid of this debt by collecting them under one roof, the good news has come from 3 banks. Announcing this morning, 3 banks announced they will offer low interest debt relief loans. Banks providing debt relief loans and banks providing debt transfer loans continue in our news …

Banks that grant debt relief loans and interest rates

İŞ BANK: İşbank offers low interest debt closing loans for citizens who have debt with banks and wish to collect all their debts in a single bank with low interest. Application transactions can be made via İşbank branches, as well as mobile banking and internet banking. If desired, you can apply via ATM or SMS.

AKBANK: Akbank, one of the banks that provides loans for debt relief, has unfortunately set a maximum limit. You can get a debt settlement loan from Akbank up to TL 20,000 with a 12 month maturity option. The interest rate determined by Akbank is 1.98%. At the same time, application transactions can be made through Akbank branches, mobile and internet banking.

BBVA WARRANTY: Garanti Bank also provides debt closing loans of up to 25,000 TL for those who want to collect their debts under one roof. The interest rates on the loan and the installment amounts at the bank vary depending on the situation. In other words, if you have a regular income, you can get a higher limit loan, as well as change the number of terms. The maximum maturity for loans up to TL 50,000 is 36 months.

Who can get a debt relief loan?

There are requirements for the debt closing loan application. Banks generally prefer to lend to those who have a regular income and are also citizens of the Republic of Turkey. My credit score is not checked when you take out a debt settlement loan, but you need to be able to pay off.


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