Interim raise good news for employees! It affects all citizens


With the last minute development, it was learned that companies took action immediately. The good news was given that a new interim hike would be made against inflationary events. Companies are preparing to make an interim hike for all their employees by pressing the inflation button. This development will be able to put a smile on the faces of employees.

Businesses and corporations have taken action and the news that they are making an interim hike for their employees against inflation has managed to get on the agenda. With this development, all employees will breathe a sigh of relief as well. This last-minute decision made by company officials will also be on the agenda. The news of the relaunch that makes employees smile

Interim Flash decision made by companies and businesses

Unfortunately, employees are having a hard time due to the economic crisis across the country. However, businesses and corporations have announced that they have decided to undertake a new interim hike against inflation rates.

High inflation rates and the high cost of living can drive people crazy at times. Excursions during the excursion cause difficulties for employees.
Business owners, on the other hand, are preparing to make their employees happy by making a new decision in the face of this situation. It should be noted that with the decision taken, a provisional increase will be made. The hardships brought by the high cost of living also cause financial hardship. In this regard, companies and businesses have decided to make a temporary hike against inflation rates.

It was revealed that the famous meat company has raised its salary starting June 1st

People all over Turkey, who wake up with a rise every day, are going through a very difficult time. However, businesses and corporations are making new initiatives to support their employees in this regard. Businesses and firms have taken some sort of measure against inflation, making an intermediate hike with a decision they have made. In fact, it turned out that a famous meat company paid a salary increase starting June 1. Lezita, one of the famous meat companies, managed to attract attention by making a new hike against inflation rates starting in June. In this regard, it is argued that several companies make an interim increase.

Infinite price increases and facts against inflation

In a news released by the Anadolu agency, it was learned that the Lezita company has paid a salary increase since the beginning of this month to support its employees. In the statement released by the General Manager of Lezita, it is stated that this attempt was made in support of all employees.

It is claimed that, as the Lezita family, they have never spared their support and an interim increase of twenty-five percent was made in June to contribute to all employees. All lezita employees will breathe a sigh of relief if it is a provisional increase decision. These in-between excursions will make employees smile too. These interim increases made by Lezita are said to be evaluated by other companies as well.

The fight against the economic crisis and inflation does not end

The economic crisis and inflation rates around the world, unfortunately, are making citizens suffer. Employees are also very concerned about this situation. Lezita, one of the famous meat companies, has made a new relaunch to put an end to this situation and make its employees happy. Lezita’s general manager Mesut Ergül claims to be alongside his employees in all situations and conditions. Due to inflation and the economic crisis, Lezita paid all employees a 25% salary increase in early June. Lezita, one of the most famous companies, got top marks from employees with this move.

Now all companies will have to give an interim raise to fight the economy. Whether they like it or not, the interim increase of many companies has given citizens hope.


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