Interest-free loan attack by Vakıfbank, Halkbank, ING Bank and 3 banks


While consumer loan interest rates are constantly updated, many public and private banking institutions have announced low interest rates. Bank loans, which are a savior for cash needs, are of interest to many people. According to the data communicated by the Central Bank; While interest rates on consumer loans rose by 2.19, they rose to 2.80 at other banks.

Despite the high interest rates, people who have to meet their cash needs are urgently required to take bank loans. In this direction, banks have shared their new banking campaigns with consumers, making them breathe a little easier.

Low interest rates can offer attractive opportunities for those whose credit card limits are clogged each month and need to find a new source of money. While the high demand for bank loans drives up interest rates, periodic campaigns allow you to benefit from advantageous loan opportunities.

Vakıfbank loan campaign up to 36 months

Vakıfbank, which prepares campaigns for those in need of cash on many topics, from education to marriage, indispensable in life, meets the expectations of the needy with a maturity period of up to 36 months and installments suitable for all budgets. The amount of the installments and the number of terms differ depending on the amount of the loan to be taken.

Halkbank’s Low Interest Loan Campaign

Offering attractive maturity rates in line with the loan amount to be taken, Halkbank is among the banks that all segments require for their cash needs. The interest rate of the lending campaign, which affects pharmacists and their staff, was determined at 1.55%. This rate rises to 1.79% for public and private sector employees.

ING bank’s interest-free loan campaign

ING Bank, which has long been running the Orange Extra program for its customers, contributes to the interest-free nature of the loans used. To make the loan profitable, it is necessary to reach the monthly spending target of 1250 TL. As a result of the discounts and reimbursements to be received for this amount, it eliminates the interest on the monthly payment used up to 5,000 lire.

QNB Bank Knowledge Loan Campaign

In order to benefit from the knowledge loan campaign offered by QNB Bank you must be among the bank’s customers. For the loan interest rate campaign covering the last year, you must not have received a consumer loan from the bank within the specified period. Promising a 3-month deferral for government employees, QNB Bank offers low installments for those in urgent need of cash, with its easy-to-pay loan campaign.

3 month loan campaign without payment from Akbank

By offering non-repayable loans with 3 months of deferral to those applying for loans via mobile or internet, Akbank attracts the attention of those looking for attractive loan campaigns. Provides 36 expiration periods in total, including the deferral period. The payment of the first installment can be extended up to a maximum of 92 days.

Yapı Kredi Lending campaign delayed by 3 months

Promising to extend consumer loans with a 3-month deferral, Yapı Kredi offers the opportunity to meet cash needs without paying installments of up to 90 days. The expiration period of the loan campaign was determined to be 36 months.

TEB Low Interest Loan Campaign

TEB offers existing bank customers a loan opportunity of up to TL 100K with a 3-month deferral of 1.89 interest rates for their loan applications to be submitted through Cepte Tep. TEB, which also organizes a welcome loan campaign for its new customers, offers the possibility of using loans up to 100 thousand lire with interest rates starting from 51.85.

İşbank Consumer Loan Campaign

İşbank organizes a 2.05% loan campaign for those who wish to use loans with affordable interest rates with consumer loans. When a consumer using a 50 TL loan wishes to repay in 36 months, the monthly payment amount will be approximately 2,109.45 TL.


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