Increase in attention payments of retired citizens Amount to be paid increased to 4 thousand TL


A statement was made about retired citizens. In the statement made, the banks have entered a state of competition with each other to attract retired customers. A promotional payment will be made to citizens who decide to bring their pension. According to the statement made on the official website of the Turkish Economy Bank, the pension promotion campaign has been announced to retirees. According to the statement from the Turkish Economy Bank, those who bring their pension to the Turkish Economy Bank said they will be paid around 4000 TL.

The pension promotion payment of Turkish Lira 3750 will be made by the Turkish Economy Bank
The Economic Bank of Turkey has announced its new pension campaign specifically for its clients who have decided to transfer the pension of a retired citizen to the Turkish Economy Bank. Retirement customers who have committed to receive their pension from the Turkish Economy Bank continuously for 36 months and have applied at least 2 automatic invoice payment orders until this commitment is fulfilled are entitled to benefit from a cash promotion campaign of up to 3750 Turkish lira.

How much cash prize will be awarded in total

In addition, in the announced campaign, the relatives of the salaried customers of each retired citizen who they invite to the Turkish Economy Bank and whose salary has been transferred to the Turkish Economy Bank, can receive a cash prize of Turkish Lira 250, up to a total of 2500 Turkish lira.

What is the benefit status of using the credit card?

Turkish Economic Bank, which has the right to serve its clients exclusively for its retired clients, does not charge any fees for this right and for the EFT Fast and money transfer transactions that retirees can perform on the Internet branch. Good news soon arrived for retirees. A cash payment of 5250 TL will be made in full.
Make retirees happy, a statement was released by the Turkish Economy Bank in the content of the good news. Every pensioner who wants to take advantage of the pension promotion is activated as soon as he has heard of it. He announced the news that a cash payment, which has reached 5250 lire, will be made by the Turkish Economy Bank.

While the campaigns targeting retirees and mobilizing retirees continued without slowing down, another important news came from the Turkish Economy Bank. As we entered the year 2022, banks started organizing wage promotions for retirees. One of these banks, such as the Turkish Economy Bank, will make a promotional payment of up to 5250 lire to retirees.

How much does the pension salary promotion of the bank of the Turkish economy cost?

As soon as the Turkish Economy Bank’s pension promotion was heard by retired citizens, the investigation began. When every retired citizen wishes to benefit from this bank’s salary promotions, he has to transfer his salaries to the Turkish Economy Bank and promise that they will not go to another bank for 3 years if that happens.

The pension promotions offered by the Turkish Economy Bank, on the other hand, vary according to pensions. It stated that a bonus of TL 500 will be awarded to retirees with salaries up to TL 1500, TL 625 to retirees with salaries between 1500 and 2000 and TL 750 thousand to retirees with salaries above 2500 TL.

There is an additional promotion opportunity for customers who have been involved with banks in the past. In this context, retired customers must have given 2 automatic payment orders. This could increase the promotions that retirees will receive. For old customers, around 1350 lire for citizens with salaries up to 1500 lire, 1625 lire for private individuals between 1500 and 2500 lire and 2000 lire for those with salaries above 2500 lire.


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