If you receive a pension from Yapı Kredi, beware: the announcement has been made!


A special statement was issued for those receiving pension from Yapı Kredi Bank. Yapı Kredi offered his retirement clients an opportunity. The bank will give money to those who have references to their relatives to transfer the pension to their bank. In the declaration made, while the payment of the promotion will be paid to the pensioner, 1500 TL will be paid to the pensioner who pays it.


The referral campaign for pensioners of the Yapı Kredi bank is valid from 4 April to 31 July 2022.

Yapı Kredi Bank clients can participate in the campaign as a referral to a retiree with SGK salary (SSK / Bağkur / Pension Fund).

Yapı Kredi Bank customers can participate in the campaign through our branches, the Customer Communication Center and Yapı Kredi Mobile as a referral to an SGK salary retiree.

Referral customers are required to share the codes they receive from Yapı Kredi branches, Customer Communication Center, with their retired acquaintances they wish to refer to.

The relevant retiree is required to share the code sent to him with the staff of the Branch / Customer Communication Center when applying for salary transfer and promotion to Yapı Kredi, or enter it during the salary transfer operations through Yapı Kredi Mobile and Yapı Kredi Internet Branch.

In order for retired customers to participate in the Referral campaign, they must make a promotional commitment and enter the code.

A retiree can only be referenced by one person.

The code received by the referring customer can only be used by a retiree.

A customer can participate in the campaign with reference to a maximum of 10 people. Yapı Kredi Bank clients can win 250 TL for each client who brings SGK pension (SSK / Bağkur / Pension Fund) from the contact person at Yapı Kredi Bank and a maximum of 2,500 TL in total.

Yapı Kredi Bank has the authority to stop the campaign and / or change the conditions of the campaign at any time.

The staff of Yapı Kredi Bank and its subsidiaries cannot participate in the campaign.

People who have received a pension from Yapı Kredi Bank in the past 6 months cannot be cited as a reference within the campaign.

Clients who are currently pension clients of Yapı Kredi Bank or who have asked Yapı Kredi Bank to bring their pension cannot be named as part of the campaign.

All Yapı Kredi Bank clients can become references to their relatives as part of the Referral Campaign for Retirees.

The referring customer can create a maximum of 5 codes per day, if the referring customer has a total of 10 active and / or usable codes, the creation of new codes is not allowed.

Retired customers must use the code that was sent to them within 10 days, codes that are not used within 10 days will expire.

After the referral pensioner’s pension has been transferred to Yapı Kredi Bank and the promotion payment has been made, the campaign prize is awarded to the Yapı Kredi Bank’s referral customer.

The referral customer’s campaign reward is paid to the TL Current Account at Yapı Kredi Bank. Within 60 days of paying the referral retiree promotion payment, the referring customer who does not have an eligible account will not be awarded under the campaign.


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