If you have an ATM card, 16,000 TL will be paid! Payable to bank card holders


Akbank Yapı Kredi Bank and QNB Finansbank presented their new campaign. TL 16,000 with reasonable interest will be paid to anyone who applies through the bank and gets a loan. If you want to get a loan, you can participate in the Akbank Yapı Kredi Bank and QNB Finansbank loan campaigns. This way you can immediately deposit your loan into your account and you will immediately see the approved amount. The subjects who will apply for a loan of 16 thousand TL with a maturity of 36 months must be customers who respect the conditions of the bank loan.

  • For a loan application, a bank credit score of 1100 and higher is required.
  • The bank assesses borrowers if they are over 18 years old.
  • You don’t have to be a practicing bank attorney.
  • While retirees can get loans provided they bring a salary, people who work as insured must have insurance for at least 3 months.

People who meet the specified conditions can apply through Akbank Yapı Kredi Bank and QNB Finansbank and use a loan of 16,000 TL.


You can get a 36-month loan on Akbank’s official website. In these loans, which you will receive with a 3-month deferral, customers who meet the conditions of the bank loan will receive approval by sending an SMS. If you send this message to 44 25 by typing Kredi TC ID, you will participate in the promotion of the Akbank consumer loan. The bank also grants loans via the mobile application.

To obtain a loan via the mobile application, you must have a bank account and obtain an internet banking password from your bank account. If you get the loan approved, the bank will immediately pay you into your account. The bank does not require proof of income for 16,000 TL.

Yapi Kredi Bank

Loan application from the Yapı Kredi bank If you become a bank customer, you can transact from the bank’s mobile application. The people who will receive loans can get these loans with affordable interest rates from the Yapı Kredi Bank mobile application, as long as they have low interest rates, without a certificate of income. Yapı Kredi Bank also grants loans by sending SMS. Those who want to apply via SMS can send a message to 4411 by typing in Individual TC ID and Monthly Income, and will thus be able to obtain credit.

QNB financial bank

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QNB Finansbank, which comes to mind when we say SMS application, will give 16,000 TL to citizens with ATM cards. You will be able to get a loan with a maturity of 36 months. In these loans, which are deferred by 3 months, you can get a loan by sending an SMS. If you choose this bank, you can send your TC ID number to 5030. This is how you apply for a loan. It is also possible to obtain a loan via the QNB mobile application. By logging into the bank’s mobile application, the bank provides results within 5 minutes to those who will obtain consumer loans. People who will receive a loan from the bank with the mobile application should have a higher bank rating. Under these conditions, you can also obtain a loan by going to the nearest QNB Finansbank branch. People who will apply for a QNB Finansbank loan are immediately processed and approved.


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