If you have a Ziraat Bank Card, you will immediately receive a payment of 100 TL


If you have a Ziraat Bank card, you need to beware of some problems! With the arrival of the economic crisis, an announcement was made for those who want to make their shopping more advantageous. Ziraat Bank has announced the Bankkart campaign to those who have a card. According to the statement made, in your shopping of 250 TL or more at one time through the market, greengrocer, butcher and delicatessen, a total of 20 TL will be defined as a Bankkart TL gift of 100 TL. If you own a Ziraat Bank Card, you can also benefit from this advantageous offer. However, if you don’t have a card, you can apply for a Ziraat Bank card and make purchases using this card.

Following your purchase, the determined amount of lire will be loaded onto your card. That way, some of the products you buy will come to you for free. However, as this is a campaign, it was claimed that it had a certain amount of time. During this period, you can use it and make your purchases via the Ziraat Bank card. As you know, the market prices have increased significantly. For this reason, the amount of purchases you will make from the flea markets is at least 250 TL. For this reason, using the Ziraat Bank card will give you back in lire. In this way, the products you buy in your purchases will have a cheaper price. You can evaluate this offer and apply for the Ziraat Bank card.

What are the conditions for participation in the campaign?

It has been stated that, as in every campaign, this campaign also has certain rules. It is also valid for a certain period of time. It is valid for your purchases made from 1st to 30th June. If you make these purchases through flea markets, butchers, delicatessens and greengrocers, they will be considered valid. To join the campaign, it is stated that you can log into Bankkart mobile first and you can also join from By following the steps that are provided to you on the site, you can manage your credit card transactions and have the opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity. You can also benefit from this opportunity provided by Ziraat Bank by typing MARKET on your phone and sending it to 4757.

It has been stated that those who want to benefit from the campaign must fulfill the conditions along with the explanations given in this direction. Once you have met the conditions, there will be no obstacles to making your purchases. Ziraat Bank card users participating in the campaign are required to spend 250 TL or more at one time on purchases with affiliated merchants. For every 250 TL of purchase, 20 TL in total, 100 TL Bankkart TL gift will be defined. It has been stated that if they transact through e-commerce, that transaction will be considered invalid. They will be able to benefit from this offer in the context of purchases in the affiliated places. The campaign will be valid for the first transactions made in a workplace on the same day. It was stated in detail that in order to benefit from the campaign, it should be done at the workplaces of the Bankkart contract members or from Bankkart POS.

Conditions of use of the Campaign

If you want to benefit from the campaign, you must have a Ziraat bank card. In this way, it will be very easy to take advantage of the campaign that is proposed to you. It was also stated that the shopping should be done from places with Bankkart agreements. Therefore, members have the opportunity to benefit from the campaign. Furthermore, after the purchase, your lira will be immediately loaded into your Bankkart account. In order for it to be valid within the campaign, purchases made within the same day at the workplace will be considered valid. The maximum amount of Bankkart TL that customers will earn during the campaign is determined in 100 TL. It should be noted that you must be the original owner of the card to participate in the campaign. It is also among the current rules that this campaign will only be valid for purchases to be made. It is not valid for transactions to load money on the card and for transactions to be made through e-commerce. Likewise, cash withdrawals, pre-authorizations, refunds, cancellations and use of Lire Bankkart will not be considered valid.
Furthermore, it will not be considered valid for purchases made with Bankkart Başak, Bankkart Business and Bankkart Free products. These transactions are not included in the campaign. During the campaign period it was specified that in case of return or cancellation of the transactions, the transferred Bankkart lire will be reimbursed. If there are not enough Bankkart Lire in the customer’s Bankkart account, the remaining amount will be reported as a debit on the bank statement.


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