I have invested a lot of money in this Altcoin project!


American financier Anthony Scaramucci has allocated $ 250 million for the altcoin project, which he describes as the Google of cryptocurrencies. The popular investor is betting on a project in the top 30 by market capitalization.

“This altcoin is the Google of the future”

Anthony Scaramucci, founder of Bull and SkyBridge Capital, says his company has invested heavily in Algorand. The American financier attributed this to Algorand’s strength over competing Blockchains. Scaramucci thinks the cryptocurrency will replace most of the competing networks. In a recent interview, he claimed that ALGO will challenge major competitors in the cryptocurrency industry, just like Google. While Google was silent in the early days of the internet, it is now indispensable in the world. Scaramucci in this regard states the following:

I currently have a quarter of a billion dollars in Algorand. I think Algorand will be Google.

Scaramucci also compared Algorand’s potential to surpass Ethereum in terms of market capitalization in December 2021 with the opportunity that Google exploited, bypassing its predecessors in the early stages of the internet. Algorand is a blockchain-based cryptographic platform focused on security, scalability and decentralization. It is faster than Ethereum and offers lower transaction fees. ALGO also has a negative net carbon footprint. In some of the explanations, Scaramucci emphasizes the importance of all these characteristics:

I think eventually, when big companies move to the tokenization side of the market and start working in the DeFi world, they will need something as scalable as Algorand, as secure as Algorand and ultimately decentralized, so they won’t have it.

Anthony Scaramucci continues to keep his heavy crypto wallet

Scaramucci says that Algorand is the future. He also says everyone should do detailed due diligence and make the decision to choose Blockchain. In December last year, Scaramucci told CNBC that his funds are worth nearly $ 9 billion. He also claimed that $ 1.3 billion is made up of cryptocurrency investments. Each fund has an allocation of 10% to 25% in cryptocurrency.

Latest news on Algorand

cryptocurrency.comAs follows, FIFA has announced that it will launch an NFT platform for football-themed digital collections. The FIFA + Collect platform will be launched at the end of this month. It will feature “affordable, inclusive and accessible” NFTs that describe key moments in football, art and visuals, according to FIFA. With the start of the World Cup in Qatar at the end of November, moments from the world football tournament can also be transformed into digital collections.

NFTs serve as proof of ownership on digital such as art, profile pictures, or video game items. FIFA + Collect will work on Algorand, developed by MIT professor Silvio Micali. In May, Algorand became FIFA’s official Blockchain partner.

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