Hub Initiative made the decision with a 133% fee.



Its shares are traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange. Hub Venture Capital Investment Trust (#HUBVC) decided to proceed with a paid capital increase.

In the statement sent by Hub Girişim to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), its current capital 30,000,000 TL capital of the company 133 percent off Included 40,000,000 TL incrementally, 70,000,000 TLIt was noted that the decision to switch to.

In the next period, the decision of the Board will be awaited after the application to the CMB regarding the capital increase.

In the event that the company obtains approval for the capital increase, the maximum share capital 70,000,000 TLwill have reached.

The complete statement sent by the company to KAP is as follows:

By resolution of the Board of Directors of our company of 17.06.2022;

one) Pursuant to the authorization issued by article 8 of the Company’s Articles of Association, entitled “Capital and Shares”, the issued capital of 30,000,000 (thirty million) of Turkish lira within the limit of the share capital of 70,000,000 (seventy million) of Turkish lira, will be entirely satisfied in cash to be increased by 40,000,000 (forty million) of Turkish lira by 133.33333% to 70,000,000 (seventy million) of Turkish lira,

2) The registered shares of group B to be issued in this capital increase will be created without privileges and as “traded on the stock exchange”,

3) For the issue of the shares with a nominal value of TL 400,000, which will represent the capital of TL 40,000,000 plus cash, the registered and preferred part of Group A, the part of the nominal value of TL 39,600,000, the Group B registered and not privileged; that there are no restrictions on the right of shareholders to purchase new shares, and that their right to purchase new shares is exercised at the price of 1 Turkish lira for each share with a par value of 1 Turkish lira,

4) In order for our shareholders to participate in the capital increase, the period of use of the right to purchase new shares is determined in 15 (fifteen) days, and if the last day of this period coincides with a public holiday, the period of use of the right to purchase new shares expires on the evening of the following business day,

5) Following the exercise of the right to purchase new shares, the remaining shares will be offered to the public on the İstanbul A Stock Exchange. for a period of 2 (two) working days, provided that the nominal price is not lower, and the start and end dates of the period of 2 (two) working days will be announced in the Notice to the Savings Holders to be done,

6) Our business partner MV Holding A.Ş. 15% of the capital advance of MV Holding A.Ş. equal to TL 16,500,000, which was granted to be used in the Company’s business and to be deducted from the cash investment debt that will arise in the future capital increase, regardless of any maturity, without interest. buy new shares worth 6,150,193.65 TL in exchange for a ratio of 37548, subtracting it from the capital advance,

7) To be deducted from the balance of 10,349,806.35 TL, which will remain in the capital advance after the shareholder of our company MV Holding A.Ş. will have exercised the right to purchase new shares; In the event of any remaining stake in this capital increase after our shareholders have exercised their right to purchase new shares, the full balance of the remaining capital advance will be used in the capital increase,

8) Upon completion of the capital increase, if there is a residual amount in the capital account advances item, the relative amount is closed with the income to be obtained from the capital increase,

9) After the public offer and the use of the residual balance in the capital account for the capital increase, the shares remaining as part of the capital increase are canceled within 6 working days pursuant to 25.1 (a) of the Share Announcement no. . VII -128.1,

10) Distribution of the shares to be issued as a result of the capital increase as dematerialized shares under the dematerialization regulation of CMB and MKK, and use of the right to purchase new shares under the dematerialization system,

11) It has been decided that the shares to be issued following the capital increase will be distributed to the shareholders of our Company as dematerialized shares within the Capital Markets Board and Merkezi Kayıt Bürosu A.Ş.

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