How will the competition for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus Turkey take shape?


Turkey is the cheapest for now!

Series, film; local and foreign; password, application; the season, the final … The competition in online streaming platforms has intensified. After Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, the digital broadcasting platform of the US giant The Walt Disney, has also entered Turkey. Another US HBO, which has announced it will come to Turkey this year, has suspended its plans for now.

We are discussing the details of the online TV series and movie broadcasting platforms, specific to Turkey, which is well positioned on the radar of the global giants. We summarize the first ‘spoiler’ of the news prepared by Necdet Çalışkan of Habertürk with these words: “Turkey is the cheapest!”

COMES 3 Americans, ONE OF THEM …

After Netflix entered the Turkish market in 2016 and Amazon Prime Video in 2020, Disney + (Disney Plus), The Walt Disney Company’s digital broadcasting platform, joined the ranks of online TV series and platforms for movie viewing in Turkey, where competition is increasing year by year.

In this area, where alternative home platforms such as Exxen, BluTV, Puhutv and Gain are also available, Disney +, which quickly entered the Turkish market with its advertising and marketing moves, as well as Disney, Marvel, Pixar content, has also increased the viewing habits of Turkish users with its more competitive pricing than Netflix has entered the battle for a place of its own. Thus, Netflix, Amazon and Disney, who have left the United States and faced global competition, have brought this rivalry to Turkey.


Disney + arrived in Turkey as a new US competitor to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in digital broadcasting, while HBO, another US online TV series and movie viewing platform, was preparing to enter the Turkish market this year.

Indeed, HBO had appointed Barış Zavaroğlu, head of Turkcell TV +, General Manager for Turkey of the digital broadcasting platform HBO Max. However, HBO Max, which has suspended content projects planned for Northern and Central Europe, also announced to have stopped the new expansion activities in some regions, started last year, including Turkey.


Although uncertainty on the HBO side persists for now, Turkish and Turkish users, who have 70 million internet users and spend 8 hours a day on the internet, don’t seem to be easily off the radar of online TV series and viewing platforms. of movies.

In this, both the habit of watching series and films online, which tends to spread, the young and “online” consumption of the population, and the content structures that these streaming platforms support with local productions play a role.

Furthermore, although there have been price increases recently, Turkey also attracts attention by being the “cheapest country” in terms of subscription fees on “streaming” platforms.

NETFLIX $ 20 in the US, $ 4.5 in Turkey

The current figures of research and comparison institutes based abroad reveal this table with the following determinations:

The best country for Netflix membership is Turkey. The price of Netflix’s special package in Turkey, which doesn’t look bright in the content richness ranking among Netflix countries with around 4,700 content counts, is around $ 4.5 at the current dollar rate. In the United States, where the number of content is around 6,000, the monthly subscription fee for Netflix’s special (Premium) package is $ 19.99.

Netflix’s average price per content is $ 0.0009 in Turkey, with 4,686 content in its catalog of series and movies. In the US, which has 5732 items in its catalog, this figure is at the level of $ 0.0035.


In other words, regardless of their comparative purchasing power, a user in Turkey pays around 1.6 cents for content on Netflix, while a user in the US pays 6 cents for content.

Turkey is followed by India in ‘Cheap’. In India, which has around 5,858 content in its catalog, Netflix’s special package costs $ 8.2 per month and costs $ 0.0014 per content.

When Turkey is valued in dollar terms, it is the country where Netflix can be seen cheapest in terms of both monthly subscription fee and average cost per content. The reason for this situation is seen in the pricing policy applied to Turkey due to the depreciation of the TL against the dollar and its low purchasing power.


This situation, closely related to the general economic situation, is also evident in other “streaming” platforms other than Netflix. For example, considering the dollar basis, the country with the lowest monthly fee for Amazon Prime Video is still Turkey by far.

Amazon Prime, launched in Turkey in 2020 and offers fast delivery service for online purchases made through the Amazon e-commerce platform, in addition to Prime Video content, costs 7.9 TL per month. Turkey is the cheapest country to access Amazon Prime Video with this amount, which is equivalent to $ 0.46 at the current exchange rate. On the platform, Singapore is the cheapest country after Turkey with a membership fee of $ 2. The monthly subscription fee for Amazon Prime Video in the US is $ 14.99.


The same goes for the Disney + (Disney Plus) platform, which entered Turkey last month. Disney +, offered for $ 7.99 per month in the US, is now available in Turkey with a monthly subscription fee of 34.99 TL.

With this figure, which corresponds to 2 dollars at the current exchange rate, Turkey has conquered the title of the country with the cheapest access to Disney +, as well as to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. In the ranking of countries with the cheapest Disney + subscription, the country behind Turkey is Indonesia with a monthly cost of $ 2.6.


It is worth noting that platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney + are in serious competition with alternatives such as MUBI, Exxen, BluTV, puhutv.

In accordance with the legal regulations in Turkey, they must obtain a license from RTÜK to provide online series and film broadcasting platform services and, in this context, the number of organizations that have obtained a broadcast right on demand license on the Internet is currently 38.

Among these organizations, Netflix received the license in August 2019 in August 2029, Amazon Prime Video received the license in April 2020 in April 2030, and Disney + received the license in December 2021, and the licensing period is December 2031. It is also filling up. We also report that HBO, which announced that it will start operating in Turkey this year and even appoints the general manager of Turkey at the beginning of the year, but ultimately suspended this growth plan, has not received a license so far. by RTÜK.

Streaming platforms, which first see demand and then fight to make room in the market at competitive prices, seek to become one of the public’s indispensable by allocating serious resources from their budgets to local content.


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