How to make an early retirement account with military debt?


Who can retire 3 years early?


The start date of my insurance is 02.24.2000. The commencement date of military service is 08/26/1996. My bonus day has expired, I am waiting for retirement age 60. Do I have to pay military service to retire early? How many days should I borrow? (Ahmet G.)

Those who have done military service after the policyholder has started work can only complete the missing bonus days with military debt. The military service debts thus constituted do not give the right to early retirement. It just prevents the retirement date from being further delayed due to the lack of bonus days.

On the other hand, those who have done military service before the policyholder started working can retire earlier as they can bring forward the start date of the insurance with their military debt.

The retirement age has been raised to 60 for men who started working after 8 September 1999. For those who started working earlier, a gradual age application is foreseen. The retirement age and the condition on the day of the premium are determined based on the start date of the insurance.

The commencement date of the insurance of those who do military service before the policyholder starts work is revoked by the day of the loan. It is not necessary to borrow the entire period of military service. It is enough to borrow only as much on the day as necessary.

Using the table below, everyone can calculate for themselves how much debt must be incurred based on the start date of the insurance to bring forward the retirement age.

Let’s take your situation as an example. Since you started working as an insured on February 24, 2000, you are subject to 60 years of age and 7,000 days of premium. When you borrow for 170 days of military service, you will be subject to 58 years and 5975 days, as the insurance start date will be reduced to September 8, 1999. Also, if you borrow for another 280 days, this time the the start date of the insurance will be revoked before 23 November 1998. In this way, you are entitled to a pension with 57 years and 5900 days of premium. As a result, you can retire 3 years earlier if you owe a total of 450 days of military service.

Those who started their insured work between September 1999 and March 2001, and those who served in the military before the insured work, are the group that gets the most benefit from their military service debt. The retirement age of those in this group can be brought forward by 2-3 years.

In some cases, one day of military service debt may be enough to bring you up to retirement age. For example, provided they have previously done military service, those who got a job on 9 September 1999 can retire 2 years early with 1 day of military service payable. A person who started working with insurance on November 24, 1998 can also retire 1 year early with 1 loan day.

The amount of the daily premium to be paid for military debt is 69.02 TL in the period July-December 2022. Those who borrow for 540 days, which is the entire period of military service, must pay 37 thousand 273 TL.

Pension conditions of SSK employees who started working before 2000
Insured start date Age Minimum day premium
09/09/1976 – 23/05/1979 44 5000
05/24/1979 – 11/23/1980 45 5000
24/11/1980 – 23/05/1982 46 5075
05/24/1982 – 11/23/1983 47 5150
24/11/1983 – 23/05/1985 48 5225
24/05/1985 – 23/11/1986 49 5300
24/11/1986 – 23/05/1988 50 5375
24/05/1988 – 23/11/1989 51 5450
24/11/1989 – 23/05/1991 52 5525
24/05/1991 – 23/11/1992 53 5600
24/11/1992 – 23/05/1994 54 5675
24/05 / 1994- 23/11/1995 55 5750
24/11/1995 – 23/05/1997 56 5825
24/05/1997 – 23/11/1998 57 5900
24/11/1998 – 08/09/1999 58 5975
09/09/1999 and later 60 7000


My insurance starts on December 2, 1996. I was born on January 21, 1974. I have a total of 5,461 premium days. I pay the remaining 1 year of premium optionally. I did my military service in 1997-99 as a reserve officer. Is it an advantage for me to borrow money for a four-month period as a military student? (Arda T.)

You are subject to 5825 premium days and the age of 56 when you retire from SSK. Borrowing for the military student period does not give you an advantage. If your previous periods were in SSK status, you can stop paying optional insurance premiums and wait for retirement age after completing your premium day.


Will we get 5500 TL as the minimum wage or will we get 5600 TL with the support of 100 TL provided by the state? (Kenan Y.)

The minimum wage is paid to the employer, not the employee. Starting from July, a monthly support of 100 lire per worker will be disbursed from the Unemployment Fund. With the increase in July, the cost of employers hiring minimum wage workers increased by 1724 TL. 100 lire of this increase will be borne by the Unemployment Fund.


I am a retired health officer, associate graduate. I am over 2200 suffixes, my rank is 1. Will my new addon be 2800 or 3600? (Solomon K.)

The additional indicator of employees in the health services class is divided into two groups: health science graduates and other higher education students. Undergraduate health science students are subject to 3000, and other higher education graduates are subject to 2200 additional indicators.

With the new law, this distinction in the health service class has disappeared. All higher education graduates, including associate two-year graduates, will be subject to 3600 additional indicators. As a first-degree retired graduate, you will benefit from 3,600 additional indicators starting January 15, 2023.


I was born on February 20, 1971. I did my military service in 1992. I started the optional insurance on 12/31/1999, I am 10 years 8 months 2 days of payment. So I switched to Annex-5 agricultural insurance. Here I have 214 days of insurance. I haven’t been able to pay the premiums for ten years. How and when can I retire under these conditions? How much premium do I have to pay? What if I don’t pay at all? (Salim A.)

Under current conditions, you are subject to 9000 days and 60 years of age for normal retirement from the BAĞ-KUR. In partial retirement you are 62 years old with 5400 premium days.

In case of normal retirement from the SSK, you are subject to 7000 days and 60 years of age. However, it seems difficult for you to complete 7000 days.

You can retire at the age of 60 without having to pay any other premiums, if you pay a premium for another 35 months under Annex 5 of the agricultural insurance and get into debt for four months of military service, bringing the start date insurance until 8 September 1999.


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