How much does it cost to build a house of 100 square meters?


I am a civil engineer with 12 years of experience. I will write it in a way that everyone can understand, without going into technical terms.

It is a wrong sentence to say that the cost of a house of 100 square meters is x lire. The house is single-family, is it a building, how many floors are there, how many apartments are there in total, what is the quality of the material used, etc. There are many factors that. I will make some examples, which I will explain in detail below, but the simplest example is 100sqm of parquet or ceramic and marble in a 100sqm house. Currently, there is a laminate floor for 80 TL per m2, there is also a laminate floor for 90 euros. There is ceramics for 100 lire and granite for 2000 lire.

As for the costs; We are building a detached house of 90 m2 with light steel and concrete. construction cost 280 thousand TL; I would say the lowest quality possible. light, water, permit etc. 150 thousand TL was spent on these issues. ie low quality mild steel, 90m2, the cost of a single-family house is 430 thousand TL; If we had reinforced concrete, it would cost around 480,000 TL.

Let’s go to the buildings. We build a 5-storey building and 10 apartments. Let there be 2 apartments of 100 m2 on each floor. What are our costs for an apartment? electrical, water, methane gas, pumice stone bricks, plasters, plasters, paints, floors, doors, cabinets, glass, sanitary ware.

Let’s say we are doing it with an average quality. To provide prices based on estimated quantities:

– pumice, brick material + labor: 20 thousand TL
– pictorial material in plaster + labor: 25 thousand TL
– floor covering material + labor: 25 thousand TL
– cupboard door material + labor: 50,000 TL
– carpentry and glass materials and labor: 30 thousand TL.
– sanitary ware and assembly labor: 20 thousand TL
– The share of fine works in the common areas of the building: 15 thousand TL
– electrical and mechanical systems, combined boilers and processing: 80 thousand TL (could be more.)

The average cost of a house, excluding rough construction, is 265,000 TL. approximate construction prices; Does the building have a garage / basement, soil type, foundation type, seismic zone, etc.? varies according to circumstances. If we do a very rough calculation; If we say that 8 tons of concrete, 75 m3 of iron, which fall into an apartment together with the common parts of the building, a figure of 180 thousand TL comes out. excavation during the construction of the building, etc. If we add it, we can get 200 thousand TL.

In other words, the average cost of rough + fine work of a 100 m2 apartment is 465 thousand TL. planning permission, building permit; electricity, water, methane gas connections etc. If we add 40,000 TL to the cost per apartment, our figure is around 500,000 TL.

If a contractor gives 50% to landlords, the cost of an apartment will reach 1 million Turkish Lira. If he doesn’t earn at least 30% instead of making such an investment, he won’t go into that business anyway. In this case our price reached 1.3 million lire …

but the problem is that this cost is the same in yozgat, in kadıköy …

note: if it does everything in the worst quality; house without cupboards, sanitary ware etc. Of course, this cost will be further reduced if it is delivered.

Of course, these costs in luxury residential complexes built in metropolitan cities are 2 times what I wrote. The price of parquet used on a construction site in Ankara is 60 euros, the price of the m2 of ceramic in the bathroom is 450 TL, the price of the paint (jotun brand) used is 2 times more expensive than its counterparts, -port in mdf is used instead of the American door: the price of a door is 9000 TL. only the shower mixer is 4000 TL. In addition, very luxurious common areas are under construction. The cost of an apartment on such a site is about 800 thousand TL.



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