Here are 39 companies named as trustees in ‘Iron Fist’


The Ankara Criminal Justice Justice has decided to appoint trustees of 39 companies at the request of the prosecutor’s office conducting the investigation. The companies in question have come under the control of the SDIF.

The judge’s decision reached by is of July 4th. In the decision, Erol Pets, Melih Karabacak And Huseyin EryılmazThe activities of 3 groups presumably led by. As a result, the damage to the public was mainly caused by the established nylon invoice and bogus sales. For this purpose, in addition to the WhatsApp groups where the process is followed, many front companies have been set up on disabled or unemployed people.

The Blackbeard has suffered the most

The decision also included detailed information on the damage caused to the public by the three groups. As a result, the group allegedly led by Melih Karabacak inflicted on the public a loss of 20 billion 645 million 967 thousand lire. By this amount we mean that the group that caused the greatest public loss among the three groups was the Blackbirds group. The damage caused to the public by the pet group was recorded at 3 billion 955 million 628 thousand TL. The damage caused to the public by the Eryılmazlar group was estimated at 1 billion 436 million 160 thousand TL.

The list of 39 companies to which trustees have been appointed was also included in the judge’s decision. Here are those companies:

Eryılmaz Group Companies:
* Beha Gayrimenkul Demir Çelik Limited Şti.
* Eryılmazlar Real Estate Investment Inc.
* Eryılmazlar Metallurgy Inc.
* ERS Group Investment Demir Çelik Şti.
* Eryılmazlar Petrol and Tourism Co.
* Eryılmazlar Building Materials Ltd. Sti.
* Eryılmazlar Metal Industry Inc.
* Eryılmazlar Çelik Demir Yapi Şti.
* ERS Grup Demir Çelik Sti.
* Eryılmazlar Energy Construction Iron and Steel Co.

Pets Group companies:
* ABA Celik Demir AS
* AK Aviation and Transportation Services Inc.
* EEH Aviation and Transport Inc.
* Zeytin Electricity Energy Co.
* Eşrefoğlu Demir Çelik A.Ş.
* Ere Çelik Demir İnşaat Şti.
* Baba Environment Inc.

Karabacak Group Company:
* Ozdemir Bims Construction Cleaning Co.
* Efom Energy Wholesale Co.
* Yaca Otomotiv İnşaat Şti.
* Detaş Housing Imar Inc.
* Detaş Hair Profile Inc.
* Ede Investment Real Estate Inc.
* Ederay Construction Inc.
* Göktürk sheet metal AS
* Kehribar Energy Production Inc.
* Metaleks Construction Inc.
* Teknomel Construction Inc.
* Özalparslan Gayrimenkul A.Ş.
* BMY Group Iron and Steel Inc.
* Suba Demir Çelik Pazarlama AS
* Ozbey Demir ve Yapi Malzemeleri Sti.
* Ege DÇ Demir Çelik Şti.
* Metropol Sac A.Ş. Group
* AKC Iron and Steel Construction Inc.
* Mardem Iron and Steel Inc.

AKP Member of Parliament at the Pets company

Both airlines that have been appointed trustees appear to be under Pet’s control. Grandchildren in the EEH Aviation method established in Hatay Iskenderun Alperen Sengul And Mirza Ardahan Member of the municipal council of Ardıç and AKP Kırklareli Sadik Fırat Ekşioğullari is found. Baba Çevre A.Ş. appears to belong to Ekşioğulları.

Metaleks took part in large projects

In the management of AK Aviation there are two relatives of Pet, in addition to the lawyer Bülent Höke. Burak Silahtaroğlu is in the management of Ankaralı Metaleks İnşaat AŞ, for which a trustee has been appointed. Metaleks Construction, which was drained 20 years ago, has taken part in many large projects.


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