Great development for those who will take out real estate loans to buy housing!


The shocking development point that citizens who want to own a home will take out loans to buy a home, the BRSA has introduced new home loan regulations. Starting from 9.05.2022, with the new decisions taken, the loan value ratio for real estate mortgages has been modified in terms of amount as part of the measures to strengthen financial stability.

Price criteria for the purchase of housing with credit

As part of the decision, the credit value ratio of first-hand houses with energy class A is as follows;

As part of the decision, the credit value ratio for 1-hand energy class houses;

90% for homes with a home value of less than Turkish Lira 2 million

A maximum of three and a half million TL for residences with a home value between 5 million TL and 10 million TL

Up to 90% for homes to buy with a home value between TL 2 million and TL 5 million

There is no possibility of a home loan for houses whose house value exceeds 10 million Turkish Lira.
If the credit value ratio of energy class A second hand homes is “500,000” TL or less, then 90% of the housing is used. 70% for homes with a home value between 500,000 and 2 million. Homes with a home value greater than 10 million do not have a real estate loan.

Interested in home owners! New housing agreements have been borrowed

The details of the developments affecting millions of citizens who want to own a home were disclosed by the BRSA and the new decisions regarding the new regulation of the home loan, baby kakà, were announced.

If the news concerning both housing loans and credits, the decrease in the loan amount Well, what is there for the new regulations? Here is the continuation of the latest news. loan according to the energy efficiency of the houses.

Under the new legislation, no loans will be made for residences with “TL 10 million” or more. When citizens buy a house for a value of “1 million 900 thousand” lire, 90% of the energy class A is 1 million 710.000, and 85% of the energy class b is 1 million 615 lire, and 80% for the other classes, that is 1 million 520. up to a thousand pounds. They will be able to use the credit. For residences with a value of “3 million lire” class A is 70% of “2 million one hundred thousand lire”, or “1 million 950 thousand” of 65% of class B, or “1.8 million lire ”, which corresponds to 60% of the other classes. Loans up to TL can be made.

Aim to check prices

Housing der Altan President Elmas Birgül said that access to loans will be limited with this decision made in brackets and added the following words (our goal is that if we limit the demand for housing, house prices will also be But the point is that one of the main reasons for the rise in house prices is not demand but rising costs.

Presenting the regulation as a strict precaution, Altan Elmas has decided not to grant loans for residences exceeding 10 million lire, saying the Istanbul market is pushing. It is what attracts attention and states that there are citizens who can pay the deposit and ask for a loan. Banks should be given a transition period of 15 to 20 days so that the diamond consumer is not in a difficult situation. He explained: “Well, what will the new system bring us?” The BRSA stressed that the classification system is changing according to its characteristics, taking into account the energy and structural standards of insulation.


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