Gram gold has dropped below 1000 lire! Golden bomb description named after the expert


Gold prices continue to surprise on June 25th. Grams fell below 1000 lire. The expert announced that gold will continue to gain investors. On the other hand, it has been reported that 0.10 grams of gold could be replaced by 0.05 grams of gold. The price of 0.05 grams of gold, which corresponds to 1 in 20 grams of gold, is in the 55 TL range …


Samsun Chamber of Jewelers and Economy Specialist Dr. Salih Özman said that 0.10 grams of gold, which corresponds to one-tenth of the gram of gold sold as cheese bread last year, could be replaced by 0.05 grams. gold, which correspond to one twentieth of a gram of gold this year.

Pointing out that citizens who stopped buying a quarter of gold did not buy a gram of gold, they bought half a gram, President Salih Özman said: “We recently attended the International Jewelery Fair. All jewelers in Anatolia were very confident. Currently, in many cities, gold quarters of customers are being cut and melted down because there is no demand. As a quarter of gold has exceeded 1,700 TL, it has ceased to be a gift that can be easily taken. Half grams have begun to decorate our stands. The gold that can now be sold has changed to half a gram. Half a gram is sold for 500, gram of gold per thousand TL. In the past years, starting from the 2nd week of June, the business started and when the schools were closed, we were getting into an intense pace.

“0.10 grams of gold can be replaced by 0.05 grams of gold”
Noting that 0.10 grams of gold, which is equivalent to one-tenth of a gram of gold that ended up on the market last year, is less in demand, Salih Özman said: “In 2021, 0.10 grams of gold, which I I call 1/10 of a gram, it has been sold. This gold was in high demand. We don’t want to sell this gold because there is nothing to deal with. It is not a gold that the refineries will try to print. Citizens have begun to ask 0.05 grams of gold, which is 1/20 of a gram. Some refineries have started producing this gold. I didn’t buy it in my shop and started selling it. I don’t know what it would do if it were sold. A product with a very low profit margin it won’t make any profit for the jeweler or add anything to the buyer. That’s why we didn’t put it on the counter, “he said.

“From now on, you need to think, ‘How much more than a thousand TL will gold go?'”
Stating that the price per gram of gold, which exceeds one thousand TL, will not fall below this level, Özman said:
“Whatever you buy from now on counts as an investment vehicle. Gold prices have been hovering around the critical 1000 TL threshold for a long time. All the big economies in the world have inflation. The price of gold does not decrease in world markets. I don’t think gold prices will go back down when there is so much inflation in the world. After that, you need to think: “How much more than a thousand TL in gold will go.” One thousand TL became the base price of gold. In the next process, the gold is invested. Gold Turkish continues to bring profit to the investor “.

It has been claimed that the price of 0.05 grams of gold, which corresponds to 1 in 20 grams of gold, is in the 55 TL range.

June 25 gold prices

Grams: 992.35

Quarter: 1,668.00

Half: 3.337.00

Republic: 6,627.00



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