Good news from Denizbank to retirees! Both Debt Closure Loan and Denizbank Consumer Loan!


Good news for the withdrawal from Denizbank. Denizbank has announced that it will grant both debt relief and consumer loans to retirees.

Denizbank continues to arrive with new campaigns. Denizbank offers both debt relief and consumer loans for retirees! It was announced that with Denizbank’s debt closure and consumer loan campaign, a TL 88,000 loan line will be planned for retirees. Based on this information on Denizbank’s official website, it was informed that if retirees receive their pensions with Denizbank, they will benefit from the opportunity of a retirement loan of 88,000 TL.

In the announcement made on Denizbank’s official website, it can be seen that the loan to be granted is 88 thousand lire. If retired citizens apply for consumer loans, they will be able to carry out their transactions and use their loans easily through the Denizbank website. At the same time, you can use Denizbank’s debt settlement loan or a special consumer loan for retirees via telephone bank or just SMS. The application can be completed easily with a short SMS to be sent from the phone.

Who can apply for the bank pension loan campaign?

Retired citizens who want to participate in Denizbank’s new loan campaign can complete the application process from both the Denizbank website and branches. A consumer loan of TL 88,000 may be applied for. Retirees who want to go to Denizbank branches will have to bring their salaries to Denizbank and apply for a loan. Apart from this, Denizbank also provides loans to citizens with high credit scores only via SMS on their mobile phones.

Citizens who want to participate in the loan campaign with Denizbank in their pocket must have a credit score of 1400 and above 1400. Citizens with lower credit scores can go to the nearest Denizbank branch and transfer their pensions to Denizbank and can use credit again. Many retired citizens who wish to take advantage of the Denizbank consumer loan opportunity will apply to receive their pension through Denizbank and will be able to obtain the loan.

How to get a loan with Denizbank via SMS?

One of the most curious subjects of citizens who want to benefit from the Denizbank loan campaign is how to ask questions to be asked via SMS. To apply for the Denizbank loan campaign, it will be enough to write my loan from the phone and leave a space, then write the ID number and send it to 3280.

After the SMS you have sent, your request will be evaluated by the Denizbank office and after the evaluation to be carried out, you will be informed of the amount approved by the bank. Citizens whose loan application was approved after the SMS sent to Denizbank should go to the nearest Denizbank branch and request that the loan be transferred to their accounts.

Debt closing loan

The worsening of living conditions today has brought with it many economic problems. To prevent these economic difficulties, banks offer consumer loans to citizens with different payment methods. Denizbank, with its debt settlement loan and special consumer loan campaign for retirees, has brought water to the hearts of citizens who are experiencing economic hardship. It has enabled citizens to continue their lives more comfortably by providing affordable interest rates and payment facilities with maturities ranging from 24 to 36 months.

In the event of a loan of 88 thousand lire being used, Denizbank offers a 24-month maturity opportunity to its retired customers. Those wishing to take advantage of the 36-month maturity opportunity, which is a higher maturity option, will need to use a loan of up to 50,000 TL. All citizens who meet the conditions of the loan can have consumer loans at Denizbank with the TL 50,000 loan line, which offers a duration of 36 months, payable after 3 months. All citizens who meet the conditions of the loan will be able to benefit from these loans provided through Denizbank.


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