Good news for Ziraat Bank Card owners! Deadline June 30th


Ziraat Bank has issued a statement to citizens that they will spend 5000 TL from their credit card on the TatilSepeti website. People’s Bank has announced the details of the campaign. In the announcement made by Ziraat Bank, it was stated that for transactions of 5,000 TL or more made with Bankkart at TatilSepeti, 500 TL will be loaded into the Bankkart and will expire on June 30th.

Those who have the Ziraat Bank Card will receive 500 TL!

In the announcement, 500 TL Bankkart Lira will be exchanged in TAKİLSETETİ using Bankkart’s credit or debit card function, with 5,000 TL or more in cash or in installments, the campaign will end on June 30 and the campaign will be carried out by Bankkart Mobil, bankkart. and SMS are completed. Participation is said to be possible through channels. In the rest of the announcement, it was specified that to participate in the campaign via text message it was necessary to write TATİLSEPETİ and send a text message to 4757.

What does the ad say?

The details of the event are as follows:

To earn Bankkart Lire from the event, you need to purchase from the Bankkart POS devices. The Lire Bankkart earned as part of the campaign will be loaded on 7 July 2022 and the unused Lire Bankkart will be resumed on 31 July 2022. During the campaign, customers can earn up to 500 TL in Lire Bankkart.

Included in the fees for the main cards!

Expenses incurred with the additional card will be added to the expenses of the original cardholder. Expenses made with personal cards will be included in the campaign. Transactions made with Bankkart Başak, Bankkart Business, Free Bankkart and Bankkart Lira are not included in this campaign. If the beneficiary transaction of the campaign is canceled / refunded after the campaign, the Lire Bankkart provided will be refunded. This promotion is not valid on the Prepaid and Money On Arrival apps. Tour packages do not include national and international air tickets and include national and international travel.

Ziraat Bank has added a new one to its customer-oriented businesses which it organizes every day. Ziraat Bank announced that it has launched its campaign for customers who want to have a comfortable vacation after the long pandemic and restrictions, to say “This is the vacation”. As part of the “This is the holiday” campaign, you will receive a gift of 500 TL for spending 5,000 TL or more on holiday with your Ziraat debit card. Ziraat Bank also offers cash installments to offer its customers unique vacation opportunities.

What are the criteria for participation in the campaign?

The detailed conditions relating to the events organized by Ziraat Bank are as follows: You must participate in this event to win a gift of 500 TL when you spend 5,000 TL or more during your Ziraat Bank Bankkart holiday.

Spend 5,000 TL or more in Bankkart TL to win a gift of 500 TL during the campaign.

Bankkart offers 3 to 6 monthly installments at current cash rates for your vacation expenses.

Customers not attending the event cannot benefit from the event opportunity.

Customers can only benefit from this campaign once.

For the payment to be valid, the payment must be made from the Bankkart POS device.

This offer is for individual cardholders. Business cards are not included in the campaign.

If you cancel your expenses as part of the event, the gift will be forfeited.

The cost of using the additional card will be charged to the account of the original cardholder.

Ziraat Bank reserves the right to modify, suspend and terminate activities.

Campaign participation process

There are several ways to participate in the events organized by Ziraat Bank;

To participate via SMS, you can enter TATLBUDUR and enter 4757.

To participate in Internet Banking, you can apply to participate in the campaign through

Also join the Ziraat Bank Bankkart Mobile application.

When are the start and end dates of the campaign?

The campaign organized by Ziraat Bank for its customers is valid from April 1, 2022 to April 30, 2022. Bankkart lire gifts won with the Ziraat Banking campaign will be credited to your account on May 12, 2022. Gifts won as part of the campaign must be used until 12 June 2022. Unused Bankkart Lire will be collected on 13 June 2022.


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