Good news for the 55+ years before the holidays


The rapid rise in inflation has negatively affected all sectors, especially spending. The increases in fuel prices, which we have been experiencing almost every day lately, continue to severely overwhelm citizens. Increases in fuel have melted money in the pockets of citizens in every sector, from needle to thread. The main reason for this is that the fuel used to transport these products has increased day by day and citizens have passed an extremely difficult test in this regard. But is there any good news?

Regardless of whether it is public or private, almost all banks are sharing good campaigns and credit news one after another. It goes without saying that the main reason behind this credit news is to ease the purchasing power of citizens. Now, there is good news for 13 million retirees over 55. How will the payments be made?

News from Halkbank!

With its announcement, Halkbank gave two different pieces of good news for all retiring citizens. If you think the ad is right for you, you can get started right away and take advantage of the cash payment opportunity in a short time.

The bank, aware of a very serious payment difficulty among citizens recently, has relieved everyone with its announcement. The fact that it will provide a low interest refund service in connection with this support has emerged as another preferred option. In short, if we need to inform about all these options, we can say the following.

Halkbank has developed three different cash payment systems. From these payment systems, citizens will be able to quickly make their payments with the system they are interested in and think they can pay.

A new promotion announcement!

In an announcement made jointly with the social security institution, Halkbank said that retirees who bring their pensions to the bank will be paid different amounts of additional payments, depending on the salary paid by SGK. It should be noted that three different payment options are on the agenda for this.

Who will benefit from the 500 TL promotion?

According to a statement from Halkbank; All retirees whose salary is up to 1499 TL will be rewarded with a cash promotion of 500 TL in exchange for transferring their salary to Halkbank.

Who will benefit from the 625 TL promotion?

Again, if your salary is between 1500 and 2499 TL in exchange for transferring your pension to Halkbank for three years, this time exactly 625 TL will be deposited into your cash promotion accounts.

Who will benefit from the 750 TL promotion?

If your salary is over 2500 TL, you can take advantage of the cash promotion opportunity this time in exchange for transferring your salary to Halkbank for three years.

Credit advantage of 100,000 TL

Again, there is a loan surprise for those who bring their salary from Halkbank! Consequently, in exchange for transferring your salary to Halkbank, you can benefit from the loan benefit with a maximum limit of 100,000 TL, with terms of up to 36 months. As a result, it will be possible to transfer the pension to Halkbank and quickly take advantage of all these payment options to lighten the budget a little.

How do I move my salary?

If you have already partnered with Halkbank to transfer your salary, you will be able to complete your transfer transactions in a short time with the mobile application or phone banking. If you have never worked with Halkbank before, the most logical procedure for bringing up your salary should be to visit a branch of the bank. You can shift your salary in a short time by making your decision based on all these options.

Credit facility information

When paying your salary, it will be sufficient to indicate to the bank staff how much loan you need. Depending on your ability to pay and the amount of your need, there will be loan options at different rates. However, the loan rate of 1.55 can be higher in some cases. It’s good to be remembered.


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