Good last minute news for SSK retirees! It started giving 200 TL


Good last minute news for SSK retirees. 200 TL started to be given! In this direction, an important sharing has been made through many banks such as Ziraat Bank, which is among the public banks. It has been specified that those who own a Bankkart will have to apply until June 30, after which they will be entitled to receive a total of 200 TL. As part of the campaign, the deadline was set for 30 June. In the detailed description of the campaign, we come across the following statements;

Specially designed for our retired customers, between May 16 and June 30, 2022, in many workplaces such as contracted markets with cartels and bank cards, health, bars and clothing, 50 TL is offered for every ₺500 purchase made with POS devices. Therefore, our retired customers will be entitled to receive a total of 200 TL Bank cards, for this it will be enough to press the button to join the campaign on the mobile application. An SMS must be sent to 4757 by typing KAZAN via SMS. By sending the SMS number you have the opportunity to apply quickly in this field. In this area, people will have the opportunity to benefit from the mobile banking assistance channel or the customer representatives channel if they have any questions that come to their mind.

Conditions for participation in the campaign

Ziraat Bank made the necessary announcement in line with the current conditions of participation in the campaign. 500 TL, 50 TL and a total of 200 TL is offered. These commercial transactions must be carried out in the commercial centers affiliated with the bank. Otherwise, the campaign will not be valid. In this direction, the people who participate in the campaign can earn without problems if they comply with the rules together with the POS devices.

It is not included in the campaign only during processing that occurs as a member with the e-commerce service. For the current spending amount, all transactions are made by debit card, credit card or banking function. As part of the campaign, transactions can be made in cash or in installments, along with credit card and lira transactions.

Maximum 200 TL Opportunity

As part of the campaign, a maximum limit of TL 200 is offered per debit card per customer or for the entire customer. Any transactions to be made within the card with Başak card, Bankkart Business, Bankkart Free products are not included in the campaign. As part of the participation in the campaign, customers who have the original card are offered the right to assert themselves. In this situation, customers can benefit from the campaign whenever they want.

In this case, the expenses of the customer holding the original card are included, together with the expenses realized within the existing cards. As part of the campaign, transactions involving the use of lire on credit cards and cash withdrawal transactions are evaluated. The operations of cancellation, refund, use of Lire by credit card are not accepted as cash withdrawals. Top-up transactions are not included in the campaign.

In case of reimbursement of transactions made during the campaign period, the lire of the credit card will be withdrawn. If there is not enough lire between the bank cards of current customers, the debt is not reflected in the current account statement. Therefore, people can easily benefit from this service and earn their own income. It is reported that the gains made by Ziraat Bank’s clients will be realized on July 7th. In addition to this, other campaigns are also actively reported to users via the Ziraat Bank page.


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