Gas from the Black Sea will be free!


The same insignificant and exaggerated expectation has arisen regarding natural gas to be extracted from the Black Sea.

The gas will come out of the Black Sea, the troubles will end, this is the time.

The reserve, which Turkey announced it has found in the Black Sea, is approximately 550 billion cubic meters in its final form.

Turkey’s daily consumption in winter is 360 million cubic meters.

Its average annual consumption was 61 billion cubic meters last year. Maybe it will go down a bit this year due to the increase in prices.

In other words, if we remove the entire reserve, Turkey needs 10 years.

It’s bad!

Not at all, but there is nothing to exaggerate.

Also, we still don’t know how much of this reserve is removable.

If all goes as planned, these 550 billion cubic meters will be extracted in 30 years.

17-18 billion cubic meters per year, or about 25 per cent of the needs will come from here.

Also, it is expensive mining work as it is deep water drilling.

At least 40 wells will be drilled and this natural gas will come at no cost.

Extracting this gas today is profitable, as the price of natural gas is around $ 2,000, but if prices get old, it can also become an expensive business due to its coating.

Of course, it is still necessary to remove it, it is separate, but no one can give this gas to houses for free.

Don’t listen to some idiots like that and turn the gas all the way up.

Even if it’s local and national, not to mention being free, this gas won’t be cheap either.

You know it too.

Yesterday, while the Central Bank surprised everyone and cut interest rates once again, I was on the phone with Prof. I was talking to Daron Acemoglu.

Our topic was Daron’s book, which will be out soon, but it would be impossible not to mention the Turkish economy.

The famous professor observed Turkey in amazement.

“We are wrong every time. Okay, now Turkey has seen the bottom, every time I said there would be no worse, Turkey somehow continues to do worse and prove that there is no bottom, ”Acemoğlu said.

When I asked if Turkey could get out of this point, I said, “Even if it does, it takes longer to get out each time. A new government will get the country out of here with the right policies. But time is wasted. And the countries of the world no longer have the luxury of wasting so much time. What is the world talking about, what are we talking about Turkey? I’m sorry for that. “

Daron Acemoğlu’s new book was about what the world was talking about and what it was preparing for.

Just then, the Central Bank’s decision to cut the interest rate appeared on the screen in front of me.

I said to Acemoğlu: “What do you think?”

“I wish I could say I was surprised,” he said.

We talked a little about his book and the future.

With the interest rate cut, the dollar immediately started to rise and saw 18.12 TL.

Everyone was wondering why this discount.

I don’t know if you noticed, before each election, the AK Party government makes a move to raise the dollar rate.

Probably by outsourcing the elections.

But this time there is a reason for the interest rate cut.

The government listens to the opposition economist Mahfi Eğilmez.

He is acting according to his theory.

Eğilmez has a thesis he has been repeating for years and based on data. I attach to the article the graphics of Mahfi Hodja on this topic.

If Turkey grows, the votes of the ruling party increase.

The AK party might consider increasing growth by lowering the interest rate and thus winning the election.

Of course, other people will also earn a lot.

Murat Çeçen called after yesterday’s article on Akkuyu nuclear power.

If Rosatom disables İçtaş, the Turkish company will receive at least $ 650 million from the arbitration without doing anything.

“We currently have no right to resort to arbitration. We are waiting for the decision of our state and we hope that this situation will improve. But if we go to arbitration, we’ll get maybe $ 3 billion, not $ 650 million. Nobody can know in advance, “she said.

According to Çeçen, the Akkuyu contract was a very solid contract and the conditions for the transfer of technology to Turkey were defined.

“At the moment, work in Akkuyu is stopped. 80% of the 25,000 workers in the field are ours. When we stopped, everything stopped, “she said.

“Aren’t you doing anything right now?” I asked.

“We are not doing anything. We await the decision of Rosatom. According to the atmosphere created, it was as if we were doing business our way. Nothing of the kind. Russia has a similar institution to the public procurement agency. Costs, expenses, quality control went from there. Everything was in accordance with the contracts. Let everyone know, we are not a subcontractor there. We are the main contractor. We have our own subcontractors. And now everything is stopped “.

“So how long?” I say.

Murat Çeçen said: “Our President is in power. I have no control over the dialogues you wrote. I don’t know, I haven’t heard. But this is not with the attitude of the Russians, much more is lost for a week. We await the government’s decision. We can’t wait to get back to work. We are also determined to have the greatest possible technology transfer. We are subject to the decision of our state. Of course we have time. At the end of this period, we have verified, we will go to Arbitration. We have made our preparations, we are doing it. But for now we are waiting “.

When we don’t experiment on people’s lives.

Government supporters have very high expectations for 2023 and plan to support the AK Party by sharing these expectations with society.

Of course, the fact that the AK Party administration binds everything to 2023 has an impact on the formation of these expectations.

In 2023, Turkey will extract its own natural gas, fly its warplane, occupy the streets with its own car brand, and lift its aircraft off its aircraft carrier.

The AK Party’s goal of “being one of the 10 largest economies in the world on the 100th anniversary of the Republic”, which it set for itself when it came to power, had already been forgotten.

During the AK Party period, Turkey was in the top 20 economies for the first time, but there was no need to mention it.

It is now obvious that domestic and domestic fighter jets will not be able to support Turkey’s defense in 2023, but the place in the pool of expectations emptied by these is filled by amplifying other expectations.

However, they probably don’t know that unnecessarily high expectations create big disappointments.

For example, some idiots shout: “Open natural gas at the root, local gas will come, natural gas will be free”.

Another product that has great significance is our national car brand TOGG.

It is said that after next October 29 TOGG will take over the streets, and everyone will have TOGG very cheaply.

As someone who knows the subject, let me say this, starting October 29, the streets will not be full of TOGG.

True, the construction of the factory in Gemlik continues.

The paint shop is complete, the assembly lines are almost finished and the factory will be ready for trial production in a few weeks.

And yes, that’s right, President Erdogan will open the factory on October 29 and their first car will roll off the assembly line.

But TOGG will not be on the streets on October 29th.

On October 29, the factory will only be ready for series production, but series production will not begin.

They will begin the learning process and life span of the factory and sub-industry that supplies parts to the factory, or the “ecosystem”, as Gürcan Karakaş puts it.

For a few months, the factory will only produce cars for the “European Homologation Certificate” and these cars will be tested as “series production”.

The cars will be produced for the “homologation” process.

Like any car produced in Turkey, TOGG also needs this type of homologation to be able to drive on the streets of Europe.

Now some of you will say: “But let’s see the TOGGs tested on the roads”.

You see, but these aren’t mass-produced vehicles, they weren’t made on the production line.

These are individually handmade vehicles.

The important thing is that they are in mass production. How it will be produced on the assembly line, what the quality and performance of production will be, and how the ecosystem will support and sustain this production.

I don’t want to destroy anyone’s dreams, but unfortunately there is no factory that will open on October 29th and you will run to dealers on October 30th and buy TOGG.

Even if you have 1.5 million lire in your pocket, you don’t have it.

Maybe three or five token vehicles are given to the presidency or something like that, but that’s enough.

Maybe until spring.

Let me know.


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