From Amazon Turkey “Will Prime have a raise?” Answer the question


Richard Marriott, Amazon Turkey Country Manager, “A raise for Amazon Prime?” released a statement that addressed his concerns. Richard Marriott’s statements are a bit heartbreaking.

In an interview with Bloomberght, Richard Marriott, Amazon Turkey Country Manager, made some assessments on the agenda. Providing services in Turkey and clients Amazonfrom his interest in they are satisfied Expressing this, Marriott also provided information on the price increase of the increasingly popular Amazon Prime subscription package. Marriott’s statement, moving.

We are constantly working to ensure that all customers have quality products that they can choose from a wide range of products at affordable prices. Our products or services Increasing the price is always the last option. we consider.Using the statements, Richard Marriott hinted that Amazon Prime pricing will stay that way for at least a while.

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“Turkey is one of Amazon’s fastest growing markets”


We always keep our selection fresh with new content we add each month, ensuring everyone has access to content that suits their tastes. # 1 on Prime Video. Likewise, there is an incredible interest in Prime Gaming, especially from game lovers in Turkey. In fact, Turkey is on Amazon around the world in terms of joining Prime Gaming. one of the fastest growing markets has become. League of Legends, GTA and FIFA are the most popular games among Prime Gaming members in Turkey.“Amazon Turkey Country Manager Richard Marriott said that Amazon Prime over 200 million He also pointed out that he is a subscriber. So what is Amazon Turkey planning in the next period?


“Amazon Prime Day” announced for Turkey: 2 days worldwide, 1 week in Turkey!

He also talked about Marriott’s future plans for Turkey as follows:

For Turkey as in all other countries our long-term strategy there is. Our plans always focus on better serving our customers, increasing our product range and providing fast and reliable delivery options. It will further improve the customer experience in the coming years and allow our sales partners to expand their business in Turkey. support worker Sara We will also carry out our projects “.

In addition to taking advantage of all the Prime Day discounts, you can subscribe to Amazon Prime for only 7.90 TL per month to benefit from free shipping, side services such as Prime Gaming and Amazon Prime video.



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