Flour Giant has closed its flour factory in Samsun! Stock market shares have peaked!


In a statement on the matter, the company announced that production in Tekkeköy has been stopped starting June 16, 2022 to use resources more efficiently.

The statement issued by the company is as follows;

” The 4th unit of the production plant for the 50th anniversary of our company was put into service on 16.06.2022 and the production lines of our project have been completed. 4. Following the production line overhaul operations carried out before the opening of the unitFameAt the same time, the capacity of our first unit was increased to 700 tons / day, the capacity of our second unit was increased to 700 tons / day, the capacity of our third unit was increased to 395 tons / day, and the our newly opened fourth unit has a capacity of 290 tons / day started production with As a result, the total production capacity of our 50th year manufacturing facility has increased to 2,085 tons / day.

Due to the commissioning of the last unit and the increase in capacity with overhauls, it was decided to stop the production activities at our Samsun Central Production facilities with a capacity of 500 tons / day, in order to continue the production more efficiently in one place in Samsun. Our production activities continue in the Çorlu Tekirdağ production facilities with a capacity of 400 tons / day.

The production capacity, which was 2,450 tons / day before these processes, became 2,485 tons / day after the processes.
We present it to the information of the public.


Fahrettin UlusoiUlusoy Gıda, founded by.

Ulusoy FarinaChairman of the Board of Dr. Eren Günhan Ulusoy is leading the way.

President of Eurasia of the International Association of Flour Industrialists and Cereals (IAOM) and President of the Board of Ulusoy Un Dr. Eren Günhan Ulusoy, European director of the International Operational Millers Association.

Ulusoy is also the new president of the Association of Exporters of Grains, Legumes, Oilseeds and Black Sea Products.

Ulusoy Un, in his statement on the matter, stated that he has not yet taken a decision on the urgent sale of the property in question, due to the relative fluctuations in the prices of the real estate market.

It was stated that the storage capacity will be maintained until the final decision on the property where the plant is located. In this way it was stated that the company would be valued in its activities.

The company has stated that the aforementioned closure will not have a negative impact on its businesses. It was claimed that there would be no negative impact on the company’s production quantity as the capacity increase was done simultaneously at the 50th year production facilities.

Instead, it should be noted that the Chairman of the Board of Directors was authorized to sell the property, which also includes the machinery used within the closed structure.


On the other hand, after the news was announced, the stock of the BIST-listed company rose 10 percent to the ceiling. While the stock earned a 60% premium this month, it hit an all-time high of 341% in a year.



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