Eximbank request from exporters! “Credit restrictions should be relaxed”


Credit application from exporters!

The industrialists, who repeated their claims about the problems in the use of credit, said that the Eximbank loans have come to a halt.

Exporters and industrialists, who have assessed this, stressed that exchange restrictions should be relaxed and practices should be clearly explained for both production and exports to continue uninterrupted.

Expressing that there are problems in Türk Eximbank’s credit resources, the leaders of the exporters ‘unions called for urgent measures for a solution and that the restrictions should be reviewed due to the exporters’ need for foreign exchange.

The regulation of rediscount credits in June also resulted in a restriction on access to finance by exporters.

While exporting sector officials pointed out that the unannounced implementation of the regulation caught companies off guard, they said companies that did not want to change foreign currency were also exposed to the use of high-interest loans.

The explanations of the exporters who made assessments on this matter in the Bloomberg HT publication are as follows;

Uğur Dalbeler, Vice President of the Steel Exporters Association, said:

“The confusion created by subsequent decisions creates financing problems. There are problems in both export financing and working capital. While there is a severe contraction in demand around the world, the environment for competition should be eased. 80 percent of the 60 percent of raw material for production. Restrictions should be relaxed due to the exporter’s need for foreign exchange. “

Bülent Aymen, President of the Association of Mediterranean Exporters of Furniture, Paper and Forest Products:

“After the BRSA and CBRT declarations, there is a serious problem in accessing credit. Eximbank loans are almost closed. Exchange restrictions should be lifted for real exporters. We are in great difficulty in maintaining production and working capital. Exports are still a moving sector, and when they are limited, serious problems arise “.

Şeref Fayat, President of the Assembly of the TOBB apparel and ready-to-wear sector:

“There are certainly problems. We observe that banks require different applications and documents when an application is made for the same type of loan. We can say that this has blocked the markets that have suffered a lot more cash crunches before the holidays. It is a lot. difficult to reach profitable loans and spot loans, which will be the lifeblood for exporters. There were even banks that claimed that they had completely closed their access to credit because they did not fully understand it. “

“We live in a time when there is talk of recession in the world, that is, there are serious problems in our export markets. In Turkey’s new economic model, especially exporters earning foreign currency should have access to finance without the slightest problem. this period in which we have difficulties in price stability, perhaps in markets where we have difficulty in selling goods and we have to deal with them “.

“Although Eximbank should actually provide this financing to exporters with much simpler and easier applications, we abandon our normal business and try to understand financing practices. If there is no financing in difficult markets, very negative developments in export performance could occur. “.

Erdem Cenesiz, President of the Turkish Federation of Ceramics:

“We think these problems stem from concerns that the loans granted will go into foreign currency. Therefore, banks, including Eximbank, are more nervously scrutinizing and lending. We can understand this, however we can understand it, but for a moment, a system in which Loan payments, including Eximbank, can be made against invoices or pay slips. “We think it should be approved first. It is obvious that there is a decrease in appetite, a caution in lending. Many of our members relay that message to us. If the funding problem is not resolved, capacity utilization for new investments may remain low. “

Fikret Kileci, Head of the South Anatolian Exporter Unions Coordinator:

“Currently, our financing problem is more important than the logistics and commodity problems. Eximbank is the more innocent part. CBRT needs to open the source via a new discount. If we can’t find urgent solutions after the holidays, that could be a big deal. “

Murat Akyüz, Chairman of the Board of Akyüz Plastik:

“The recent sudden changes in Turkey have caused our exporters and manufacturers to focus more on financing. Companies are trying to obtain financing by mortgaging all their properties, land and buildings to banks. On the other hand, all studies are based on TL and there are drastic changes in the exchange rate, which is why most of our industrialists are back in the open, unfortunately, come to think of it, most of the loans managed through CBRT and granted through Eximbank are not sufficiently accessible at the moment. companies suffer from this problem “.

“On the other hand, the 40% issue is a separate issue. The plastics industry is one of the secondary branches of the chemical industry. It is a serious cost to exchange the incoming money and convert it back into foreign currency. For example, a An additional cost of about $ 800 was incurred in a € 110,000 transaction in my own company. “There is no such compulsion in any of them. There has been talk of a recession in the United States, and the slightest recession could have much greater effects in Turkey. It would be helpful for us to pay close attention to all of them. “


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