Exciting Announcement From 2 Favorite Turks Altcoin Projects!


In the past few hours, important news has arrived from 2 altcoin projects that Turkish investors are following closely. Announcements include a stablecoin project and a launch.

Altcoin DeFi Aave prepares for a new stablecoin project

Aave Companies, the company behind Aave, has proposed a stablecoin to be voted on under Aave. The stablecoin of the GHO name is currently under discussion and must pass a board of directors to be implemented. GHO will have different mechanics than the Ethereum-based DAI stablecoin. Additionally, Aave users will be able to create stablecoins on the AAVE which they provide as collateral.

Exciting announcement from Altcoin projects

How does GHO differ from DAI?

Stani Kulechov, founder of Aave, said on Twitter about the GHO stablecoin proposal:

While the GHO will be protected by Ethereum-based assets, the GHO’s primary vision is to continue organic adoption to solve real-life payment opportunities on the internet and on-site through a second tier.

STEPN and APE Realm announcement

Today, the STEPN Web3 project officially announced Medium’s APE Realm. According to the details in the blog:

With APE Realm, we combine elements of brands and new communities to explore the customized possibilities of STEPN. This is in line with our mission to connect Web2 and Web3 and bring the next 100 million users to Web3.

What is the APE Kingdom? Why is it important for the altcoin market?

Realm “The Zone” is a server that hosts a fork of Steph. Different users play the same game in different regions. Today’s announcement is about an APE (humanoid monkey) themed Stepn kingdom. The altcoin project chose the Ethereum network as its third region and named it APE Realm. This Zone is reserved for fashion and other NFT communities. They chose the Ethereum network due to the popularity of the network and the fact that it provides a decentralized virtual machine. There are currently around 3,000 decentralized applications running on Ethereum.

The APE Realm article includes:

We want to focus on inclusion. In the case of APE Realm, it is an attempt by the STEPN team to engage more Web3 users with our community. Currently, there is little overlap between BAYC owners and STEPN community members. The expansion of the user base is clearly good for all existing users as well.

Finally, adding new users to the community will always be good for the whole game, and not just for a specific area, especially since GMT is used in all areas. Beyond that, the use of GMT in DOOAR and other potential products is expected to be rolled out over the next 6 months.

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