EU and US will buy from Turkey! The world giant announced it


MSC, the largest container shipping company in the world, predicts that Turkey, which stands out for its offering, will not be affected by the expected recession in global markets as much as other countries and may even differentiate itself positively.

Interviewed by the newspaper Dünya, MSC Turkey General Manager Barış Dilek said: “We do not expect a strong contraction in Turkish exports in the last quarter. We are receiving this signal from many of our customers. We have increased our container stocks and are staying there. expanding our Turkish flag fleet “.

MSC Turkey CEO Barış Dilek said that despite expectations of a slowdown and recession in global markets, Turkey will be positively differentiated in this process and that the movement of goods gives this signal. Dilek said: “The US and the EU don’t look at cost, they buy from Turkey instead of the Far East. Although some sectors are more affected, there are many customers who can’t keep up with their orders. export”.

MSC, a Swiss family business, overtook Danish container operator Maersk with its investments during the pandemic period and became the company with the largest naval fleet in the world in recent months. MSC continues to make significant investments in Turkey as well. On the one hand, the company supports the Tekirdağ Asyaport Port expansion project, of which it is a partner, on the other hand, it expands its fleet of Turkish-flagged ships and strengthens its fleet of container equipment.

MSC provides services to export giant companies to Turkey and the world. The company, which has a large customer base, can also receive signals that can make forecasts on Turkey’s exports and imports ahead of official data. MSC Turkey General Manager Barış Dilek said the meetings they have had with their customers and the current freight movement have provided clues that Turkey will positively differentiate in the global economy in the last quarter.


Barış Dilek said there has been a slowdown in demand for export charges in Turkey due to the contraction in global markets, but does not expect a major contraction in the last quarter. Dilek said: “During my meetings with our customers last week, activity in the EU slowed down, but the demand for orders for Turkey did not decrease at the same rate. Why the EU and the US have transformed their supply route in Turkey. This process, which started with the pandemic, was reinforced by the Russia-Ukraine war. The US and the EU started sourcing the products it bought from the Far East or Russia, from Turkey, regardless of the cost. A customer of ours said: “1 million tons went from China to Europe for a group of products, now 600 thousand tons are bought from Turkey. “I can’t grow enough of it,” he said. We started hearing examples like this often. Our observation is that some sectors such as home appliances are more affected by the slowdown in global markets. But the demand in some sectors is still very strong, “he said.

Expressing that they expect the effects of the global recession to be seen more clearly starting in September with the end of the holiday season, Dilek said, “Companies will look into their actions after the holidays. They will make their purchases and plan accordingly. Therefore. , the picture will become clearer in September and October “.


Stating that demand in the US is still strong despite the slowdown in the EU, Barış Dilek said: “The US is the shining star. We observe that many companies are investing in the European market in Turkey. Investments are being made to increase the their production capacity. This is a very important development because the US has “It was the market that we were not competing with until now because of China, so we put it on the back burner. Now, with these geopolitical developments and the clarification of ranks in the multipolar world, we have begun to see the effect of this on more trade, “he said. Dilek, therefore, said they predict that the impact of the anticipated recession will not be. too big for Turkey and that it is too early to be pessimistic and said: “We should not ignore the opportunities there.” MSC is also concerned with using its vessels on this line in the most optimal way to meet the growing export demand in the United States.

Barış Dilek said that one of the important issues at this point is to reduce dependence on the EU and said: “We shouldn’t be so dependent on the EU, from which we get 60% of our exports, and we should diversify the market. these are great opportunities especially in Africa “.


MSC Turkey has also strengthened its equipment fleet to avoid a similar container crisis, which caused major disruptions in supply chains and suffered the pandemic globally. While demand is not expected to increase as much as in the pandemic, MSC Turkey has tripled its container equipment capacity, which averages 35,000. Barış Dilek said: “We are preparing for the last quarter. Frankly, our expectations are high. We are entering with a very strong container stock. At the moment there is no problem. Because the demand for the container has increased due to the “High demand in the pandemic. Now, when there was a slowdown, those containers were wasted. There was an abundance of containers.” But let’s be cautious. We are prepared for times when demand could suddenly increase, “he said.


MSC Global had ordered a record number of ships with the pandemic. This year it became the leading company in terms of fleet size, surpassing the Danish naval giant Maersk with the ships purchased. MSC Turkey continues to invest in ships. Finally, MED Trabzon joined the fleet. Barış Dilek said: “We want to continue our investments in Turkish-flagged ships. But at the moment, ship prices are very high on international markets. It is also very difficult to find ships. We can’t find ships to buy, especially in small ones. tonnage. There is a great need for 1500-2,000 TEU vessels in particular. “


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