Don’t even give bread … – İbrahim Kahveci


Your goal is clear … You don’t want those who use cheap TL loans to buy foreign currency with this TL. And for that, you resort to all kinds of methods.

With the latest BRSA decision, you wanted to cut off access to companies that have foreign exchange surpluses in TL. But this time around, you are targeting those who have foreign currency, not those who have foreign currency with low-cost TL loans.

You want those with foreign currency to sell it. Just like you sold all of the state’s foreign currency, you want everyone to keep up with you and sell their foreign currency.

Well, but are they all doing cheap deals like you? People, companies are struggling to protect their assets. You are selling other people’s money (of the Turkish people); you want companies to sell their money.

It’s easy to spend on someone else’s money … Can you go crazy with your money?

For example, can you match your “Liraization” story? Have you converted the dollar-euro guarantees you gave to contractors with Treasury guarantees into TL?


The data revealed that what she calls the new economic policy is actually taking from the poor and giving to the rich. We have also expressed many times what actions to take if your goal is a low-interest policy for the country’s economy.

We explain again, but …

1- First, eliminate the obstacles in front of the leasing system for INVESTMENTS and the loans will go directly to the purchase of machinery and equipment. You won’t have an iota of fear of foreign currency.

2- Recapitalize investment and development banks and provide interest support for loans to be disbursed by these banks. In fact, if necessary (in high-tech investments), cover the entire loan interest from the public. Let me tell you in advance that the invoice will be less than the money you will pay to KKM.

3- Immediately bring market rates to market conditions and apply the required policy.


Unfortunately, our country is taking a quick step backwards on property matters. Just as we regress in justice and merit (in fact we regress in everything), we also regress in property.

In a sense, the BRSA’s decision can also be considered an ownership intervention. After this decision, the equity owners will not be able to decide the methods of valuing the assets of the companies. In fact, the decision they will make may be OK or continue.

Will the business continue or be suspended?

We should know that grass does not grow where property rights are challenged … Neither foreign capital comes nor national capital goes into business.

Those who yesterday exhibited the words INVESTMENT-PRODUCTION-EMPLOYMENT-EXPORT today blocked the real sector in the name of financial stability.

However, financial stability is again ensured by financial applications. Unfortunately, not knowing what to use where and how led us to these interesting ways.

I hope the consequences are not painful.

What do we expect after we stop giving even the bakery bread to the royal sector? Don’t we see the PMI falling below the base level?


How is this country going to endure so much destruction, frankly, I wonder too.


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