Discounted petrol, diesel and LPG


Fuel prices continue to rise. After the latest increases, the price of fuel has exceeded 30 lire. At that point, Petrol Ofisi launched a campaign and the shopping of motorists who bought fuel was made more profitable. In this campaign, 50 TL points will be earned and a discount of 50 TL can be made from the total amount of fuel purchases after earning this point. Since each purchase of fuel does not drop below 250 lire, drivers will earn points when they make their normal fuel purchases. In the announcement of PO, 10 TL per second and subsequent purchase of 250 TL or more, which will be made at Petrol Ofisi stations on different days and times, included in the Petrol Ofisi Pay-In-Vehicle application in the Pazarama Pay-in Menu -Vehicle of Maximum Mobil between 1 and 30 June 2022. It has been stated that a total of 50 TL MaxiPoints will be earned.


It was stated in the announcement that you can join the campaign at any time (before or after your purchases) during the campaign period. Furthermore, it was stated in the announcement that the transactions “İşbank Debit Cards, İşbank Maximum credit cards (Maximum, Maximiles, MercedesCard, İş’te Üniversitesili, Maximum Genç, Pati Card)” have been included in the campaign. The operations that were not included are the following:

“Transactions made with MaxiPara Card, Commercial Credit and Debit Cards, Vadematik Cards, Non-Expired Cards, purchases made using Maximum Opportunity and MaxiPuan, cancellation and product return transactions, transactions not made through the Maximum POS device are not included in the campaign. “


Following the announcement, it is specified that fuel purchases must be made through the Petrol Ofisi Pay-Pay in Maximum Mobil menu from Petrol Ofisi stations, which is included in the Pazarama Pay in Vehicle in Maximum Mobil application, to benefit from the It has been pointed out that if you make a fuel purchase, your first purchase will be included in the campaign.


The following statements were included in the announcement regarding the campaign details:

Reward use: MaxiPoints earned as part of the campaign can only be used for purchases made through the Petrol Ofisi Pay-Pay menu in the Maximum Mobil Pazarama Pay on Car menu. Your MaxiPoints will be loaded onto your card on 6 July 2022. The expiry date for MaxiPoints is 31 August 2022 (including this date). Points uploaded to Maximiles cannot be converted into MaxiMil and the Advance cannot be used to close MaxiMil. A customer can benefit from the campaign once and earn a maximum of 50 TL MaxiPoints.


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