Declaration of interests with the signature of 9 banks! Housing, consumers, vehicles, debt loans 32, 46, 55-day term deposits


The high interest rate decisions initiated in the second half of June continue towards the end of the month. In the third week of June, many banks changed rates with the interest decisions they made. For those who will buy a home using home equity loans, there are hardly any low cost loans, except for campaign packages. The soft-rate packages of public banks are also in a unique position in consumer lending. In car purchases with car loans, costs have returned to very high levels. For those with 32-day term deposit interest earnings, the yields have increased. Here are the banks’ end-of-month interest rates.


Those who want to use consumer loans and solve their cash problems with the most suitable interest rate meet the most suitable rates when they knock on the doors of public banks. However, the situation is very different in private banks. The gap between private and public banks in consumer lending has widened.

public consumer loan
In public banks, the lowest interest rate can be given with 1.55 percent. Halkbank supports citizens with a limit of 20,000 TL and Ziraat Bank with a limit of 25,000 TL.

consumer loan June 253consumer loan June 252consumer loan 25 June

In private banks the situation is very different. Interest rates are wide open. Those who turn to any private bank to take out a loan in the last days of June will have the lowest interest rate of 2.15. This rate will be 2.50%, 2.70% and 3.30% in some banks.


State-owned banks’ 0.89 and 0.99 interest rate packages continue to use home equity loans. Those who will buy their first home can get loans with an interest rate of 0.99, and those with gold and dollars can take out loans for both second-hand and brand-new homes at an interest rate of 0.89 percent. at the time of the change. In addition to these campaign packages, public banks also have standard loan packages with interest rates of 1.20, 1.25% and 1.29%.

home loan June 25

Private banks raised interest rates on home loans by over 2.00%. The lowest rate loan is approved with an interest rate of 2.05. Holding bank financing starts at 1.79%. In this process, the participating banks also reverted to a lower cost plan with a 60-month maturity and a higher-cost plan with a 120-month maturity.


The situation is no different in auto loans. While public banks have packages with a maturity of 48 months, the lowest rate in private banks was announced at 2.05%.

public vehicle loan

Anyone who wants to buy interest-free vehicles with a bank loan will pay with monthly profit shares of more than 2.00 percent, as in private banks.

car loan 25 June


Private banks also have an attack on interest income on 32-day time deposits. As interest moved in many banks, the race to deliver the highest profit emerged. The highest interest rates, which were in the 22.00 percent range, have approached 24.00 percent in the past few days.

List of 32 days June 25

While N Kolay Bonus ranks first among all banks with 23.50 percent over this period, Alternatif Bank ranks second in the list with VOV Account. Other banks are like in the table.


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