Customers of the Ziraat bank. Deadline June 30th


The latest campaign for those who carry Ziraat Bankkart in their wallet was announced on the Bankkart website. For this reason, as part of the opportunity that will last until the end of the month, 100 TL will be assigned to the card in market shopping. Bankkart’s campaign statement is as follows: “A total of 20 TL, 100 TL Bankkart Lira gift for purchases of 250 TL or more that you will make in our markets, grocery stores, butchers, greengrocers and delis with Bankkart!”

Conditions for participation in the campaign

Participation must be guaranteed by using Bankkart Mobile or by entering MARKET and sending the 4757. To benefit from the event it is necessary to participate in the pre-purchase event. Customers participating in this campaign will earn a total of 20 TL or 100 TL Bankkart TL for their purchases of 250 TL or more, which they will make at the Bankkart affiliated markets, grocery stores, butchers, greengrocers and delicatessens during the campaign period.
Transactions must be made through the affiliated member merchants Bankkart and Bankkart POS. E-commerce transactions are not included in the campaign. Within the scope of the activity, only the first transaction made at the workplace on the same day will be valid. Bankkart lire will be loaded instantly on the card of customers who meet the conditions of the campaign. The maximum amount of Bankkart lire that a customer can earn during the campaign period is 100 lire. The event is limited to the original cardholder. Card loading is not included in the campaign, if the transactions made during the campaign are returned, the earned Lire Bankkart will be refunded.

Good news from the Ziraat bank

Good news for the citizens who will use the credit! Ziraat Bank continues to be the hope of its customers with a new understanding of lending. Every step taken by Ziraat Bank, a public bank, will make people in need of cash smile. The lender does not pay the first year. It waits up to 84 months for its customers to mature. Interest-free loans are limited to 150,000 TL. Ziraat Bank grants zero-interest loans of up to 150 thousand lire with a maturity of 84 months to those who return to the village. Although the question of the repayment of village loans continues to be very worried by the citizens, its situation is also among the objects of investigation.

There is a 12 month zero interest loan. The loan opportunities offered by the Ministry for those who want to return to the country have attracted great attention from the public. Details on the credit packages offered have been announced. Loans of up to 150 thousand lire will be granted to the needy. The application process continues. As part of the agreement signed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry and Banca Ziraat, loans with a maturity of 84 months with a grace period of seven years in the first year are envisaged. We have compiled the details on this topic in our news.

Ziraat Bank is offering an interest-free loan supplement as part of the “I have many reasons to live in my village” project. The livestock sector has been hit hard by rural-urban migration in recent years and new lending activities aim to create a new reverse migration effect.

The content of the aforementioned project is stated as follows: “The project plans to complete at least 100 females between the ages of 6 and 24 months from those who raise small cattle on their behalf or have already done so previously. He understands that the number of animals (females aged 24 months) is not less than 100 and that the bank grants a loan of 150,000 lire per producer. The breeds of sheep under the project are Kıvırcık, Karacabey Merino, Anatolian Merino and Central Anatolian Merino. The conditions for requesting an interest-free loan of 150,000 Turkish lira with a maturity of 84 months are as follows:

Being at least 18 years old at the date of application, those who have actively raised calves since the start of the project or have been engaged in sheep farming for the first time are not included in the scope of this project. Even if they apply by taking over the business, their applications will not be accepted. Good news for those who miss their village! Ziraat Bank grants interest-free loans of TL 1-150,000 for 7 years to those who return to the village.


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