Coinbase and 4 Exchange Lists!


Altcoin investors closely follow cryptocurrency exchange listings. The positive effect of being listed on a popular stock exchange is not just giving a currency some industry approval. It also allows users to invest in a much larger investor base. In this article we will talk about the latest lists of various cryptocurrency exchanges. Here are the details…

Coinbase adds support for various altcoin projects

First of all we will share the announcement of Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world by trading volume. Coinbase will support some altcoins on the Ethereum network. In other words, Chain (XCN), MetisDAO (METIS), Monavale (MONA) and Airswap (AST) with ERC-20 standard will go public. In addition to that, Media Network (MEDIA) support on the Solana network is added.

Transfers for these assets are currently traded on an exchange. Trading will start today after liquidity conditions are met. In case of sufficient supply, XCN-USD, XCN-USDT, METIS-USD, METIS-USDT, MONA-USD, MONA-USDT, MEDIA-USD, MEDIA-USDT, AST-USD and AST-USDT pairs will be listed gradually .

On the other hand, it is worth noting that METIS, MONA, MEDIA and AST coins will be supported with the “experimental” label. The exchange is adding its experimental label to assets with relatively low volume compared to the broader market. With the effect of the news of the listing, METIS increased by 16%. MONA increased by 21%, AVERAGE by 14.73% and AST by 30%.

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LBank lists 2 altcoins

In addition to Coinbase, LBank will do two quotes today. The first of these is SENSE (SENSE). The exchange lists SENSE with the USDT pair. The SENSO token is the on-platform currency of Sensorium Galaxy, a social VR platform that aims to rethink the way people interact with each other and experience art.

On the other hand, the exchange lists Lootex (LOOT) with USDT pair. Lootex is a cross-chain gaming item store for Metaverse that aims to provide efficiency and convenience to its users. The Lootex Market allows players from around the world to purchase avatars, rare weapons, terrains, and pets or monsters for their favorite NFT games.

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What are the other lists?

In addition to Coinbase and LBank, Huobi Global lists Cratos (CRTS) with the USDT pair. Cratos is the coin used to vote in the CRATOS mobile application, a real-time live voting platform where users can create a voting topic based on their preferences and other users can participate in the vote.

Aside from that, Biconomy lists THORSwap (THOR) USDT. Finally, Origin Protocol (OGN) said it will announce the list of exchanges that will support the OGV airdrop, which it recently announced today. As we have also reported, OGV will be the management token in the Origin ecosystem. It stands for Origin Dollar Governance (OGV).

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