Claims advanced by bringing employees overseas


Getir employees overseas made statements to Business Insider about the company and made some allegations. Employees complained about their work environment stating that they felt the giant company’s chances of making a profit and surviving were low.

Express delivery service established in 2015 Bring, has experienced tremendous growth since starting its operations and has become one of the largest enterprises in Turkey. The company, which encompasses food and market, car rental, employment and many other services, has achieved the “decacorn” title topping the $ 10 billion valuation as a result of this growth.

However, the economic problems encountered have affected Getir as well as all companies. In a piece of news we shared with you, it was stated that Getir could shrink by 14%. Now, there have been new developments on the company operating on different continents. Getir employees abroad have made some allegations about the company.

Employees don’t think the company can survive and criticize their work environment

Abroad Some Getir employees have made statements to Business Insider about the company. Employees say the giant company’s profit chances are “nobody‘and stated that they thought he would not survive. Additionally, some employees said Getir created a difficult and unsafe work environment.

It is reported that the statements made to Business Insider were made by both current and former employees. These people believe that the company’s financial model is flawed; He also said this would be unsustainable in the long run. Also, some companies strict ordering criteria It was alleged that he fired employees because they didn’t meet him and that he suffered injuries as a result of the dangerous work environment.

Three employees indicated that an order should be packed within two minutes, regardless of how much product it contains. Also, in some regions up to 90 seconds employees can decrease and, when the specified periods are exceeded more than once, able to be fired was among the charges.


“The economic hurricane is coming” shared by the CEO of Getir: things seem to get more difficult

Additionally, the company is said to have halted its expansion in the United States and suspended its plans to come to major cities like Miami to cut costs. Employees said that in one region of the United States, the company withdrew its fleet of electric scooters due to adverse weather conditions and turned to rental cars instead. However, it has been argued that the cost of this method is too high. In this regard, an employee of the company the chances of profitability are low expressed his thoughts.



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