Car rental prices have exceeded 0 car prices!


Car prices in Turkey have always been rising for many years. Although we see decreases depending on the balance of the exchange rate and the number of vehicles in stock, prices doubled a few years ago. Of course, this had a negative effect on car rental prices. So much so that it is now possible to rent a car for a few months for the amount that was purchased a few years ago.

Car rental prices have exceeded 0 car prices!

According to the compilation shared by Emre Özpeynirci today, rental car prices have risen many times in just a few years. In fact, there is an increase of 5 times compared to 5 years ago and 15 times compared to 8 years ago. When we look at car prices, we see a 10-fold increase in this process. In other words, rental costs increase at a much higher rate.

Nowadays it is possible to rent a car on an hourly, daily and monthly basis and with prices determined accordingly, through many applications. However, Cheeseci proposes a compilation based on the rental method limited to 36 months and 30 thousand km per year.

The ban worked!  Range of opportunities for used car buyers

The ban worked! Range of opportunities for used car buyers

The second-hand market has resumed its old form after the transfer of the Ministry of Commerce. Here are the details!

Accordingly, the rental prices of the Toyota Corolla model with gasoline and automatic transmission for years and 0 sales prices in the same period are as follows:

Years Monthly rental fee
(36 months – over 90,000 km)
Dealer selling price km 0
2015 1,400 TL 53 thousand 500 TL
2016 1,400 TL 59 thousand 200 TL
2017 1,800 TL 65 thousand 950 TL
2018 3 thousand 300 TL 88 thousand 400 TL
2019 3 thousand 800 TL 105 thousand 550 TL
2020 4 thousand lire 161 thousand 800 TL
2021 5 thousand 100 TL 220 thousand 200 TL
2022 21 thousand lire 539 thousand 450 TL

As can be seen in the table above, people who rent a car for 3 years for 21,000 TL will pay 756,000 TL in full. In other words, car rental prices exceed the 0 price even under the three-year contract, which can be considered the most appropriate.

Furthermore, the Corolla model shown in the example here is among the most suitable options. Again, according to Cheeseci’s compilation, if you want to rent a Megane or equivalent C-segment automatic transmission, you should consider 25,000 300 TL per month.

Of course, there are many people who prefer to turn to D-segment vehicles such as the Passat. In such cases, it is necessary to increase to the level of 40 thousand TL. However, regardless of the Corolla or other models, it is more expensive than buying a vehicle with a high-interest loan, even if it is rented for 36 months in order to reduce the monthly rental price of the car rental.

This means that the cars of the car rental companies will pay for themselves in 3 years. Of course, these companies don’t buy all cars by taking out loans. However, the operational costs must not be overlooked.

At the end of these 3 years, looking at the graph of the price increase of the last 8 years, we can say that they can sell cars at higher prices than those who bought them, even if they are second-hand. But as many people are aware of this situation, they no longer rent except for a short time.

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