Bringing the confidence of insurance to housework, housekeeping, car repair, maintenance


Digitization is pushing the insurance industry to differentiate itself through partnerships that use technology, as it does in many other industries. Perhaps it is a necessity for insurers to cooperate with other sectors and companies brought by the new technological environment and turn this cooperation into a platform. Because, on the one hand, insurance must provide a faster and easier service by digitizing, on the other hand, it must act together with agencies, banks, brokers, services and service providers in the sector and not on specific issues. Just as in banks’ “open or invisible” banking, insurers, who need to be in contact with other sectors, have begun to create platforms that will form the basis of “invisible” insurance.


Turkey Insurance was the first to initiate the initiative. Türkiye Sigorta transfers the trust of the insurance industry to partnerships in the vehicle, housing and health sectors. So what’s going on? We write the topic clearly and clearly with the expression of Bilal Türkmen, Deputy Director General of Turkey Insurance.

Expressing that insurance is an abstract concept for customers, Bilal Türkmen said: “Insurance is like a meal that can only be eaten at the time of the damage. To get out of this situation, it is necessary to prove that the insurance is profitable. For this, we provide solutions to customers not only at the time of sale and damage, but also in their daily life and with our customers. We must be involved in their lives to establish meaningful interactions. Indeed, we ensure their lives, the health and the most valuable assets. However, apart from insurance, we are not in their world as far as the assets we insure are concerned. Platform-based ecosystem where the threat of non-industry actors who know the customer best is felt more by close than ever before In this environment where actors are pushing economic life to a paradigm shift, it is a necessity rather than a choice for us to be more involved in the life of our customers “. he speaks.


So how will it be done? This is where economies of scale come into play. There is also the question of creating synergy by exploiting the opportunities of Türkiye Sigorta and Türkiye Hayat Emeklilik together. Turkey Insurance 15 percent, Turkey Life and Pensions company with a market share of 22 percent and a total of 12 million customers.

Türkmen says he checks guest accounts on the pension side, even once a month, based on this, when he took out insurance or had no contact with the insurance company except for the time of the damage, they jointly structured Türkiye Sigorta and Türkiye Hayat ve Emeklilik mobile applications to take part in the lives of their customers says they serve through a single application.


Explaining that when a person logs into this App, he sees both the retirement account and the insurance information on the elementary side, Türkmen said he has already brought together more than 60 services, from healthy living services to individual finance management, from services vehicle maintenance to a more comfortable living space, with 26 different business partners. The Turkmen platform explains briefly: “In the place where we have insured the vehicle, we have started to provide many vehicle related services such as vehicle maintenance, cleaning, car rental, tire purchase, fuel discount. We also have many health related services, the accommodations will arrive soon. Let’s go one step further and ensure that our business partners’ products and services are offered at a discount. “


Türkmen said that their business partners want to reach the customer and that they offer this opportunity with the platform: “Some of our partners have increased the capacity of their call centers.”

Noting that the platform is the conductor of the orchestra, Türkmen said he created the standards and created the protocols. Explaining that they do not receive any payments or commissions from their business partners, Türkmen states: “All we want is for the business partner who comes here to offer a good product and service experience to the users of our platform.”

The platform will soon also be operational in the field of housing insurance. Turkey’s insurance customer platform will feature new business partnerships to its users in many areas, from discounts on electronic products to home cleaning and repair services, babysitting services to meeting all pet owners’ needs.


Türkmen also expressed his views on the digitization of insurance companies and the use of technology. He said that the reason why the digitization journey in the insurance sector proceeds parallel to other sectors and even slower than some sectors is that the sector is among the sectors adopting digitization early. Türkmen continued his words: “If you adopt digital development early, your legacy will form automatically. On the other hand, the part that triggers digitalization in other industries is the customer. Insurance is an area you contact. 1-2 times a year. Compared to other sectors, the demands and demands of customers in digitization are relatively lower. “

Explaining that the promise of digitization allows you to connect with everyone and everything and deliver this data when needed, Türkmen said a more connected structure has been built and said: The gap is rapidly closing with sectors with level of higher maturity, and passed from 10th to 5th place in the standings ”.


Explaining that digitization is more of a strategy and a way of thinking than technology, Türkmen said: “The digitization of insurance should not only be perceived as online sales and paperless business processes, of course, these are also very valuable and part of of digitization However, digitization in the insurance sector has a much greater significance than all of this. they give end-to-end end in a way that manages the entire ecosystem and how all of this is done in a digital environment. ” Türkmen said there is a need for integrated work of all stakeholders in insurance in sales, before and after the sale, at the time of damage and after: “There is indeed value in the environment where all these networks are digitized. Today, the industry offers fast claim payment processes, fraud prevention mechanisms, processes without physical documents. It benefits from digitization in many areas such as performing analytics, including analytics in business processes, chatbots and automation. of robotic processes.As the actual implementations of the regulation on the provision of remote health services in health insurance, published in recent months, began to be implemented, insurance companies, hospitals and all healthcare providers belonging to the ecosystem health insurance With the effect of digital transformation, institutions start offering new and practical experiences and to all their customers.


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