Beware of those who pay their electricity and natural gas bills! Last 3 days left


Announcement to all those who pay their gas and electricity bills! Automatic refunds of invoice payments initiated after bank instructions. Alternatif Bank has announced on its website the possibility of cash back up to 250 TL in automatic bill payment order.

What are the details of the campaign?

The campaign is valid only for electricity and natural gas bills. The first new automatically closed order will receive 100 TL cashback and the second closed order will receive 250 TL. To participate in the campaign you need to open an additional account (KMH) with a minimum limit of 2,000 TL. To attend the event you need to write an instruction and send a short message to 4055.

The campaign is valid for the first invoice order issued. For invoice orders issued during the campaign period, the relevant invoice must be paid at least once until June 30, 2022. The campaign will only be valid for 6 months. Customers who cancel their order within 6 months of placing the order will be refunded the refund amount charged. The rebate amount earned from the campaign will be uploaded on July 8, 2022. A customer can qualify for this campaign once and earn up to 250 TL.

Electricity and Natural Gas Get up!

The prices of electricity and natural gas will increase from 20 June 2022. As regards gas, the prices of electricity for homes, industrial users and production have been determined and will come into force in June. The house unit price of natural gas increased by 30%, the electricity production unit price of natural gas increased by 16%, and the non-electricity production unit price of natural gas increased by 10%.

BOTAŞ released a statement about the walk. Interestingly, natural gas is an imported energy source. Starting from 20 June 2022, regulation is required within the scope of the possibilities to affect the sales prices of natural gas. BOTAŞ stressed that consumers are also supported while using natural gas at home. In electricity, the price of electricity for residential users was increased by 15%, while the price of electricity for industrial and commercial users was increased by 25%. Therefore, the electricity price for first tier residential users is 1.29 kuru per kWh and the electricity price for upper tier users is 192.7 kuru per kWh.

July 1 Important!

With the start of the normalization process following the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a last-minute development in natural gas electricity bills. The average billing period expires from 1 June. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, no deductions are made from citizens who are in debt. When the normalization process began, progress was made at the last minute. This is development. Electricity and natural gas bills will normalize starting July 1st According to the EMRA statement, it was announced that electricity and natural gas bills will start normalizing starting July 1st. In this case, starting from 1 July, the legislation on electricity tariffs, on the reading and collection of natural gas bills for power outages to citizens who do not pay, will come into full force.

The Energy Market Regulator said they have to pay their electricity and natural gas bills regularly starting July 1, and they can’t read and collect the bills for 25 days or more. The energy of citizens who do not pay their bills within the set time will be cut off. As business earnings declined as normalization began, the ministry representative said: “As of June 1, most restrictions, notably the long-distance travel ban, have been lifted. Restaurants, cafes, Restaurants and hairdressers Businesses reopen Shopping malls are opening Electricity demand for hotels is expected to gradually increase.

He explained that in the area of ​​paying bills and rent, the work continues with non-repayable support for merchants who find themselves in a difficult situation. Since then, the Minister of Commerce Ruhsar Pekcan; announced that the rent will be paid in the range of electricity, gas and water. It has been announced that the grant will be provided with the support of the social responsibility project.


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