Beware of taxpayers of water and electricity bills


In parallel with the Bank’s announcement of its new campaign for its customers, Akbank also announced a special chip opportunity for Axess users in paying their bills. In this case, payment will be made for all billed orders. For all your new invoice orders you will make in June, write FATURAC and send it to 4566, 15 TL for 1 new invoice, 30 TL for 2 new invoices, 50 TL for 3 new invoices, 75 TL for 3 new invoices 4 new invoices, 5 or more bills Chance to win 100 TL tokens!

You can use your Axess, Axess exi26 and Free cards to benefit from this campaign from 1st to 30th June 2022. If you have more than one card at the event, your Axess or Free card must have a minimum order quantity. As part of the event, 1 new invoice is 15 TL, 2 new invoices are 30 TL, 3 new invoices are 50 TL, 4 new invoices are 75 TL, 5 or more invoices are 100 TL, you will make automatic payments to your Axess Cards , Axess exi26 and Free.
You can earn money in TL chips. The campaign is customer based. During the month of June you can earn chips up to 100 TL by paying your orders with all your bills with the cards included in the campaign. The bonus amount you will earn as part of the campaign will be loaded into your card as a chip on July 2, 2022.

How will the prizes be valid?

Rewards apply only to new orders you place. If you cancel and resend the automatic bill payment order on your credit card, or if you cancel the bill payment order defined in your bank account and give it to your credit card, you are not eligible for this activity. The instructions provided by the account are not included in the campaign. If you win a prize from this event, you cannot cancel the prize within 6 months of receiving the prize and you must receive an invoice from your card for the order you placed for automatic billing. Otherwise, the chips will be withdrawn at the end of the pledge.

Bank announced!

The interest in automatic payment of bills determined by the bank is valid for payments of bills by credit card as part of the order. In the event that the minimum statement is not paid or partially paid on the due date, the interest rate of the invoice from the invoice payment date to the due date exceeds the minimum amount of the unpaid overdue rate from the due date. due on the due date of the reimbursement of the due invoice rate. No interest is charged on Cep (Turkcell, Vodafone, Türk Telekom Mobil (Avea), Teknosa Mobil and POCELL) and Superonline invoices.

To start benefiting from the event, simply click on the Join the event button by 30 June 2022 or type FATURAC and type 4566. When the short message reaches the Akbank system, Akbank notifies you that you have registered and allows you to participate. Send text messages to participants; charged on the operator’s own rate. You can only participate in one billing event per month.

Campaign arrived from İşbank!

A statement was made as to who will pay the electricity, water and natural gas bills. İşbank has announced its billing campaign. According to İşbank’s campaign statement, those who pay their telephone, natural gas, electricity and water bills via İşCep will receive 25 TL. The event will continue until June 29th. There are 3 days left to attend the event. Customers who pay their bills via the Pay> Invoice> Instant Payment Invoice menu of İşCep until June 29, 2022 will be able to benefit from the campaign.

To charge MaxiPuan, our customers must have at least one open and usable credit or debit card. MaxiPuan will be loaded onto our customers ‘credit cards and our customers’ non-credit cards. MaxiPoints uploaded to Maximiles cannot be converted to Maximil and advance payments cannot be used to close Maximil. With the bank statement, thousands of people will be eligible to benefit from the campaign. Therefore, people will have the opportunity to earn bonus opportunities by paying their bills.


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