Beware of taxpayers! Applications can be submitted until the end of the month.


Banks continue to propose new campaigns for customers. Akbank, one of these banks, has announced the opportunity to use chips for paying bills specially prepared for Axess users.
As a result, double the money will be awarded for all new invoice orders you sent in June. This is why the writer opens an invoice and sends a text message to 45 66 will earn 15 Turkish Lira for a new bill, 30 Turkish Lira for the second new bill and 50 Turkish Lira for the third new bill. You get the benefit of earning TL 75 for the new invoice, which is 4th place, and TL 100 for 5 or more invoices.

The details of the campaign are as follows

You can benefit from this campaign from 1st to 30th June 2022 with your Axess26 supplement and your free card. If you have more than one card in your campaign participation, a minimum order must be on your Ax or Fire card.

As part of the campaign, when you automatically send a payment order with your Axess, Axess exi26 and free card, 15 Turkish lira chips are delivered for a new invoice. These earnings continue to increase until approximately 5 bills are paid. After all, you have the right to earn chips up to 100 TL. This campaign is a customer-based campaign. During the month of June you can earn up to 100 TL in chips with all the bill payments you can give with your cards that participated in the campaign. The reward amount earned as part of the campaign will be reflected on your card as chip money on July 2, 2022.

The award will only be considered valid for newly issued orders. If you cancel the automatic bill payment transactions on your credit card and return it, you will not be able to participate in the campaign. If you cancel the invoice payment instructions defined in your bank account and give them to your credit card, you will not be able to benefit from this campaign. Instructions provided by the account will not be included in the campaign.

6 months shouldn’t be canceled!

If you receive a campaign reward, you must not cancel it within 6 months of the reward upload date. A necessary condition is that the invoices for which an automatic payment order has been issued are withdrawn from the card. Otherwise, the chip is withdrawn at the end of the commitment.

The automatic invoice payment interest determined by the bank will be applied to invoice payments to be made by credit card as part of the instructions. If the additional minimum debt is not paid or partially paid by the due date, the interest rate is charged from the invoice payment date until the due date. The interest rate is charged at the interest rate of the invoice over the overdue interest rate over the minimum and the portion exceeding the minimum amount that has not been paid until the payment of the debt from the due date.

No interest is charged to your mobile phone Vodafone, Turkcell, Türk Telekom, Avea, Teknosa mobile and POCELL invoices and Superonline invoices.

To start benefiting from the campaign, participation is required by 30 June 2022. To participate, simply click on the join the campaign button or write an invoice and send a short message to 45 66. Your participation in the campaign is ensured after the message shortly reaches Akbank and after Akbank notifies you of your registration. Short messages sent for participation will be charged by your operators in addition to the fee. You can only participate in this billing campaign once a month.


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