Benefit of 3,750 TL for retirees without refunds! Started today


When it comes to retirees, the profitable loans, payments, promotions and campaigns offered never stop. A new announcement is made every day about the benefits of another bank’s pension promotion. Consequently, in the latest campaign created by TEB!

The Turkish Economy Bank has announced that it will pay 3750 TL to retirees. As a result, the only thing retirees who want to take advantage of the 3750 TL promotion have to do is transfer their salaries to the Turkish Economy Bank and meet the necessary conditions!

The promotion payout can be 6250 TL!

If you invite a relative to TEB to carry out the promotion, you can win a cash prize of 250 TL for each of your relatives, for a total of 2500 TL. With the 3750 TL payment you received upfront, you will also have the option to pay up to 6250 TL in total by receiving a payment of 2500 TL.

So what are the terms of this campaign?

First of all, you shouldn’t have an ongoing salary contract with another bank. If you have a salary contract, you will not be able to carry your salary or you may face the penalties you signed in the contract.

If you don’t have a salary contract with another bank or it has expired, you can go to the nearest TEB branch with your ID.

The payroll process takes an extremely short time. The necessary directions will be given by the box office officials in order to quickly complete the transactions.

Another condition of the campaign is that you are required to give two automatic payment orders in addition to bringing a salary. Here, the invoice that you will issue an automatic payment order does not necessarily have to be on you. You can also have the option to pay an invoice made out to another person and paid for by you, with an instruction.

I cannot issue an automatic payment order

Some customers face the same problem when they go to the bank to place an automatic payment order. Consequently, in order to be able to issue an automatic payment order, you must first clearly indicate all the information on that invoice. In some payment options, the necessary information is usually provided in this regard. For this reason, in the natural gas bill, the subscriber number is usually indicated in the 8-digit invoice, while it can be requested in 10 digits when you want to give an automatic payment order. If you have encountered such a problem, you can complete the invoice order by placing two zeros before it.

Another mistake made when it comes to invoices is giving instructions to another subscriber. By coaching another subscriber, you may have to pay for the service you’ve never used. You can request more detailed information on options such as name, surname and service number at the ticket office immediately after placing an automatic payment order.

Finally, we would like to make another reminder about the automatic payment instructions. While this does not occur in TEB systems, it may not be possible to issue automatic payment orders in some banks, even if automatic payments are canceled.

The main reason for this situation is that the information may be requested after the automatic payment order. Especially when it comes to options like automatic payment cancellation in city electricity subscriptions and natural gas subscriptions, such confusion can arise.

How do I move my salary?

Eliminated the problem of automatic payment, it’s time to move the salary! You will only have to go to the TEB branches with your identity document. In a short time, all necessary signatures and transactions will be completed and your salary account will be opened. At the same time, we remind retired customers that TEB has advantages. As a result, there are options for retirees, such as taking advantage of special customer service privileges and not paying any fees for eft transfer transactions.


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