Before the holidays, the bank will sell up to 5,000 TL!


A bank has announced a campaign for those who need money before the holidays. In the written statement, it was announced that the free holiday loan of up to 5,000 TL will be offered to customers with an interest rate of 0.99%. The deadline for the campaign, which began yesterday, was announced on 7 July.

Guarantors BBVA has launched a pre-holiday loan campaign. The bank will provide a 12-month loan of up to TL 5,000 to those who become customers without going to the branch.

How can I become a BBVA Guarantor member without going to the branch?

If you have a new type of ID belonging to the Republic of Turkey, simply download BBVA Mobile Guarantors to your phone, tap the Become our customer step and follow the directions in the application.

How to apply for a free holiday loan?

After becoming a client of Guaranti BBVA Mobile, you can apply for a free loan from the Applications> Loan / Advance account> Consumer loan step in our application within 3 days.

Who can benefit from the free holiday loan campaign?

Our new customers of Guarantors BBVA Mobil, merchants, employees or retirees, are eligible for a consumer loan of up to 5,000 TL.

Campaign Details:

Our customers, who download Garanti BBVA Mobile from the campaign and proceed with the step “I want to become a customer” and complete the process for the first time with Contactless Customer Becoming Technology, can benefit from the campaign.
Campaign participants can apply for a loan with 0.99% interest and free of charge within 3 days after becoming a BBVA Guarantor customer on a mobile device.

The campaign is valid only for applications to be filled in via BBVA Mobile and Internet Guarantors. It is not valid in our branches.

The loan application can be made through Guaranti BBVA Mobile after completing the process to become a Guaranti BBVA customer.

Such loan requests will be satisfied if evaluated by our bank and deemed positive.

The loan, positively assessed and approved, can be used through the Guarantors BBVA Mobile and Internet channels.

The maximum loan amount to be used as part of the campaign is 5,000 TL and the maximum maturity is 12 months.

Real people and sole proprietors can benefit from the campaign. The type of loan that can be used; personal consumer loan for real people, commercial support loan for sole proprietorships.

Guarantors BBVA customers, who have completed the process of becoming a contactless customer, can benefit from the relevant campaign in their first loan disbursements after becoming a customer.

The following table shows an example of a payment plan that includes the terms of the loan and the annual cost rate.

The campaign runs from 27 June to 7 July 2022.

Please note that our bank reserves the right to change the conditions of the campaign, to request further information and documents and to stop the campaign.

To benefit from the campaign, the process of becoming a customer must be completed through BBVA Mobile Guarantors. If, for any reason, the process to become a remote customer cannot be completed via BBVA Mobile Garanti and the process continues at the branch, the campaign cannot be used.


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