Basic needs have increased, the purchase of books has decreased


The accountants told the Republic about their difficulties in the face of the economic crisis. Halil Bingöl, who owns a thrift bookshop in Beyoğlu Aslıhan Passage, said: “Anyone with an interest in the past comes to us. With the recent crisis, the balance has changed. Our business activities have declined slightly, “he said. Bingöl said,” Sometimes we don’t get money for books from students. “Students have a hard time buying books,” he said.

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Ümit Nar, president of the Booksellers Association, said: “Everyone’s income has gone down. This is reflected in the books. The book is at the bottom of the list of needs in Turkey. There is a certain segment that reads books and the income level of this segment is already low, “he said. Expressing that citizens have a hard time buying books, Nar said:” People now have a hard time buying second-hand books. hand. Because spending on basic needs has gone up a lot. So people are trying to survive. We try not to raise prices, but where we buy books the prices have gone up. People who try to sell their books have higher expectations. . We stick to that. Recently, many people are trying to make a living by selling their books to make a living, “he said.

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Bookseller Güngör Günyel, owner of a second-hand bookshop in Kadıköy Akmar Passage, said: “Since the beginning of the new year, the economic crisis has started to worsen. As it has affected all sectors, it has also affected our sector. Printing costs in Turkey have increased a lot due to the lack of paper availability and the fact that it has become more expensive. Book prices have hit astronomical figures, we didn’t know they would go up that much. Stating that the increase in book prices should have a positive impact on used book sellers, but this has not happened, Günyel said: “Because in times of crisis people cannot give up basic necessities, but they give up materials that are seen as luxury. In a study conducted in Turkey, the book was ranked 235th in need. We are one of the first to give up, “he said.

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Pointing out that he has economic concerns, Günyel said: “You need to keep selling what you have in order to survive. The crisis has hit us hard because the reader has given up on it. He has stopped reading books. Society had to stay away from cultural activities. People can’t even afford housing with these rents. The prices of educational books have also gone up a lot. At this rate, a worker will give up his bread to buy three test books for his son with his salary. Under these conditions, no one wants to read a novel. It has become a luxury, “he said. Günyel concluded his words as follows:

“People started saying not to read a book, rather than buying a 150 lire book for 50 lire second hand. Collectors have come and gone. Because what they are looking for is an expensive and rare product. I’m still trying to sell the book I sold for 30 lire last year for 30 lire. I cannot raise because no one comes to buy it for 30 lire “.


Suat Köknel, who is a thrift bookshop in Kadıköy, said: “Booksellers are in serious trouble as traders like everyone else. There was no golden age in second-hand bookstores. Sahaf is a person who agrees to this. However, there have been serious problems in this crisis recently. Meeting management costs is tiring for us. There is uncertainty from all points of view. There is no sign of what will happen at home. Many second-hand booksellers have been taken to warehouses. They started selling from warehouses on the Internet. “Some of the second-hand booksellers have closed their shops,” he told her.

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